How Many Assistant Captains On A Hockey Team

Answer: There are typically two assistant captains on a hockey team.
Supporting Facts:
1. Leadership Structure: In hockey, the team’s captain is responsible for providing leadership on and off the ice. The assistant captains assist the captain in fulfilling this responsibility.
2. Assistant Captain Selection: The assistant captains are selected by the team’s coaching staff and management based on their leadership qualities, experience, and abilities.
3. On-Ice Responsibilities: Assistant captains play a crucial role during games by supporting the captain in making decisions on the ice, communicating with the referees, and motivating their teammates.
4. Off-Ice Responsibilities: Assistant captains also contribute off the ice by providing guidance and support to their teammates, especially younger or less experienced players.
5. Symbolic Importance: The assistant captain position is highly regarded in hockey as it signifies the trust and respect that the coaching staff and teammates have in the selected individuals.


1. Can an individual hold both the captain and assistant captain positions?
No, in hockey, a player can only hold one of the three leadership positions: captain, assistant captain, or alternate captain.

2. How are assistant captains selected?
Assistant captains are typically chosen by the team’s coaching staff and management based on their leadership qualities, experience, and abilities.

3. Can the assistant captains replace the captain if necessary?
No, if the captain is unable to fulfill their duties, the alternate captain will typically assume the responsibilities until the captain’s return.

4. Can the assistant captains participate in official meetings or speak on behalf of the team?
Yes, assistant captains may attend official meetings and express their opinions. However, the team’s captain is usually the primary representative in such situations.

5. Do the assistant captains wear any distinctive markings on their uniform?
No, unlike the captain who typically wears a “C” on their jersey to signify their leadership role, assistant captains generally do not have any distinctive markings.

6. How long do assistant captains hold their position?
The duration of being an assistant captain varies among teams and players. Some players may hold this position for an entire season, while others may have the opportunity to be assistant captains for multiple seasons.

7. Can the number of assistant captains vary in different leagues or tournaments?
Yes, in certain leagues or tournaments, there may be variations in the number of assistant captains allowed per team. However, in most professional and amateur hockey leagues, there are typically two assistant captains.

BOTTOM LINE: Two assistant captains are typically chosen to support the team captain in their leadership role on and off the ice. Assistant captains play a vital role in guiding their teammates, making crucial decisions during games, and providing support to the captain.