How Many Assistant Captains Are On A Hockey Team

There are typically two assistant captains on a hockey team.
Fact 1: Leadership Roles
The role of assistant captains is to provide additional leadership to the team, supporting the captain in guiding the players on and off the ice.

Fact 2: On-Ice Responsibilities
Assistant captains often communicate with referees during games, relay messages from coaches to players, and provide guidance to teammates during gameplay.

Fact 3: Representing the Team
Assistant captains are responsible for representing the team in various team-related events and functions, both in the community and within the hockey organization.

Fact 4: Alternate Captain
The assistant captain position is sometimes referred to as the alternate captain, as they are ready to step in and fulfill the captain’s duties if the captain is unable to perform.

Fact 5: Selection Process
The team’s coaching staff and management typically select the assistant captains, considering qualities like leadership, experience, and the respect they command within the locker room.


1. Can a team have more than two assistant captains?
Answer: While it is rare, some teams may have more than two assistant captains. However, most teams stick to two assistant captains.

2. Can a player be both an assistant captain and a team captain simultaneously?
Answer: No, a player can only hold one of the leadership positions at any given time. They can be a captain or an assistant captain, but not both simultaneously.

3. Is the captain and assistant captain always the team’s top players?
Answer: While leadership qualities are essential, the captain and assistant captains are not necessarily the team’s top players. These positions are often given to individuals who display exceptional leadership skills and are respected by their teammates.

4. How often are assistant captains chosen?
Answer: Assistant captains are typically chosen before the start of each season or whenever there is a change in team leadership. It is not a daily or weekly selection process.

5. Do assistant captains have any additional responsibilities off the ice?
Answer: Along with supporting the captain on and off the ice, assistant captains may also be involved in team meetings, strategizing, and other off-ice activities. Their input is valuable in shaping team decisions and morale.

6. Can assistant captains wear the same ‘C’ symbol as the captain?
Answer: No, only the team captain is allowed to wear the ‘C’ symbol on their jersey. Assistant captains usually wear an ‘A’ symbol to distinguish their role.

7. Can assistant captains be changed during the season?
Answer: Yes, if the coaching staff and management feel the need to reassess the team’s leadership, they may change the assistant captains mid-season. This decision is usually made to adapt to any changes or challenges the team is facing.

BOTTOM LINE: A hockey team typically has two assistant captains who support the captain in guiding the team, both on and off the ice. These players are chosen for their leadership qualities and are responsible for representing the team in various capacities. While the captain wears the ‘C’ symbol, assistant captains wear the ‘A’ symbol on their jerseys.