How Many Alternate Captains On A Hockey Team

The number of alternate captains on a hockey team can vary, but typically there are two alternate captains on a team. Here are five supporting facts:
1. Leadership roles: Alternate captains are chosen for their leadership qualities and ability to inspire their teammates on and off the ice.

2. Assisting the captain: Alternate captains work closely with the team captain to provide support and help create a positive team culture.

3. On-ice responsibilities: Alternate captains can play a crucial role in communicating with the referees during the game and providing guidance to their teammates on strategy and tactics.

4. Symbolic role: Wearing the “A” on their jersey is a symbol of distinction and highlights the player’s importance as a team leader.

5. Decided by the coaching staff: The selection of alternate captains is typically made by the coaching staff, who consider various factors such as the player’s experience, respect within the team, and their ability to motivate others.


1. Can a team have more than two alternate captains?
Yes, while two is the typical number, some teams may have additional alternate captains if the coaching staff feels there is a need for more leadership roles within the team.

2. Is there a limit to the number of captains on a team?
No, there is no specific limit to the number of captains a team can have. However, usually, there is only one designated team captain.

3. What happens if the captain gets injured during a game?
If the captain gets injured during a game, one of the alternate captains will usually assume the role of captain for the remainder of that game.

4. Can alternate captains be changed throughout the season?
Yes, the coaching staff may choose to change the alternate captains throughout the season based on the team’s needs or individual player performance.

5. Are alternate captains recognized with any special privileges?
Alternate captains do not have any specific rule-based privileges; however, they often act as liaisons between the players and coaching staff, providing input on team strategies or player concerns.

6. Do alternate captains have authority over other players?
While alternate captains don’t have authority in the same way coaching staff does, they are often respected leaders within the team, and their opinions and guidance carry significant weight.

7. Can an alternate captain replace the team captain permanently?
In rare cases, if the team captain is unable to continue their role for some reason, an alternate captain may be given the position permanently. This decision would be made by the coaching staff and management.

In hockey, there are typically two alternate captains on a team. They play a vital role in providing leadership, supporting the team captain, and acting as a bridge between players and coaching staff. The number of alternate captains can vary, and they are chosen by the coaching staff based on leadership qualities and the needs of the team.