How Long Should A Hockey Stick Be With Skates On

Answer: The length of a hockey stick with skates on should be determined based on an individual’s height and playing style. Here are five supporting facts to consider when choosing the proper length:
1. Height: Generally, the length of a hockey stick should come up to the player’s chin when they are on skates.
2. Skating style: If a player’s style involves a more upright stance, a shorter stick may be preferred. Conversely, players who skate in a more crouched position might benefit from a longer stick.
3. Stickhandling: A shorter stick allows for better control and maneuverability when stickhandling the puck.
4. Shooting power: A longer stick can provide leverage and additional power for shooting, particularly for players with longer arms.
5. Preference: Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in stick length. Some players may prefer to deviate slightly from the standard chin-length rule based on their comfort and playing style.


1. Can I use a stick that is shorter than chin-length?
Answer: Yes, you can use a stick shorter than chin-length if it suits your playing style and preference.

2. What if I am taller than average, should I get a longer stick?
Answer: If you are taller than average, you may choose to have a stick that comes up to your lower lip or nose for a better reach and leverage.

3. I am a beginner, does stick length matter for me?
Answer: Stick length is important for beginners as well. It helps in maintaining proper form and mastering basic skills more easily.

4. How do I know if the stick is the right length for me?
Answer: When standing in skates while holding the stick in a normal playing grip, the top of the stick should reach your chin for a standard fit.

5. Can I cut down a stick that is too long?
Answer: Yes, sticks can be cut down to achieve the desired length. However, it is recommended to consult with an expert or coach before making any adjustments.

6. Does the type of position I play affect the stick length I should use?
Answer: Different positions may require varying stick lengths. For example, defensemen might prefer slightly longer sticks for better reach, while forwards may opt for shorter sticks for improved stickhandling.

7. Are there any rules or regulations regarding stick length in organized hockey leagues?
Answer: Yes, organized hockey leagues, including professional leagues, have rules on stick length that players must adhere to. It is important to check with your league’s regulations to ensure compliance.

BOTTOM LINE: The ideal length of a hockey stick with skates on is generally up to the player’s chin. However, several factors such as height, skating style, stickhandling, shooting power, and personal preference should be considered to determine the best stick length. Ultimately, finding a stick that suits your individual playing style and provides comfort and control is crucial for optimal performance on the ice.