How Long Should A Field Hockey Stick Be

How long should a field hockey stick be?
Answer: The length of a field hockey stick is an important factor to consider as it can greatly impact a player’s performance on the field. Here are 5 supporting facts about the ideal length of a field hockey stick:

1. Standard length: The standard length of a field hockey stick is usually between 35-38 inches for adults. This range allows players to maintain control over the ball and execute precise movements during the game.

2. Player’s height: The height of the player often determines the suitable length of the stick. Generally, players who are taller may benefit from a longer stick, while shorter players might prefer a shorter stick for better maneuverability.

3. Position played: The position played by a player can also influence the stick length. For example, forwards often prefer shorter sticks to enhance their agility and ball control, while defenders may opt for longer sticks for a greater reach while tackling opponents.

4. Playing style: Every player has a unique playing style, and that can determine the stick length. Players who rely more on dribbling and close ball control might prefer shorter sticks, while those who focus on long passes and powerful hits may benefit from longer sticks.

5. Personal preference: Ultimately, the choice of stick length comes down to personal preference. Some players find that a specific length feels more comfortable and allows them to perform at their best. Trying out different lengths and considering individual comfort is crucial in determining the ideal stick length.


1. Can I use a longer stick even if I’m not tall?
Answer: While it’s generally recommended to choose a stick length proportionate to your height, it ultimately depends on your playing style and personal preference. Some shorter players may find that longer sticks give them an advantage in certain aspects of their game.

2. What happens if my stick is too long?
Answer: If your stick is too long, you may find it difficult to maintain control over the ball, especially during close dribbling and quick maneuvers. It can also hinder your ability to generate power during shots and passes.

3. Can I cut a field hockey stick to make it shorter?
Answer: Yes, field hockey sticks can be cut to reduce their length. However, it’s important to consult with an experienced coach or professional before making any modifications, as altering the length can affect the stick’s balance and performance.

4. Should beginners use shorter sticks?
Answer: Beginners often benefit from using shorter sticks as they offer better control and allow for easier learning of basic skills. As players progress and develop their playing style, they can experiment with different stick lengths to find their preference.

5. Is it possible to extend the length of a stick?
Answer: While it is technically possible to extend a field hockey stick’s length by adding a butt-end extension, it’s generally not recommended. Adding extensions may affect the stick’s balance and make it less durable.

6. Do professional players use specific stick lengths?
Answer: Professional players often have different stick length preferences depending on their position and playing style. However, it’s important to note that stick length choices vary greatly among players, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

7. Are there any regulations regarding stick length in field hockey?
Answer: International Hockey Federation (FIH) regulations state that a field hockey stick should not exceed 41 inches in length. However, different competitions and age groups may have specific rules regarding stick length. It’s important to follow the regulations set by the governing authority.

BOTTOM LINE: The ideal length of a field hockey stick depends on various factors such as the player’s height, position, playing style, and personal preference. While a standard length range exists, individual experimentation and comfort play a crucial role in determining the perfect stick length for optimal performance on the field. It is advisable to consult with experienced coaches or professionals for guidance in selecting the most suitable stick length.