How Long Is The Time Between Periods In Hockey

Answer:The time between periods in hockey is 18 minutes. Here are five supporting facts:

1. Regulation ice hockey games consist of three periods, each lasting 20 minutes.
2. To allow for intermission activities and breaks, the time between periods is typically 18 minutes.
3. During this time, both teams have an opportunity to regroup, make adjustments, and strategize for the upcoming period.
4. In professional hockey leagues, the ice surface is often resurfaced and maintained during the intermission to ensure optimal playing conditions.
5. The duration of intermissions may vary depending on factors such as the league, level of play, and broadcast considerations.


1. Why is the time between periods in hockey not the same as the actual period length?
– The time between periods allows for intermission activities, ice resurfacing, and rest periods for the players.

2. How long does the ice resurfacing process take during the intermission?
– The ice resurfacing process typically takes around 10-15 minutes, depending on the efficiency of the equipment and ice conditions.

3. Are players allowed to leave the ice during the intermission?
– Yes, players are allowed to leave the ice during the intermission. They often head to the locker rooms for rest, rehydration, and coaching discussions.

4. Can teams take a timeout during the intermission?
– No, teams cannot take a timeout during the intermission. Timeouts can only be called during the actual gameplay.

5. Are there any specific activities players engage in during the intermission?
– During the intermission, players often review game footage, receive medical treatment if needed, and refuel with snacks and fluids to maintain their energy levels.

6. What happens if the ice resurfacing process takes longer than expected?
– If the ice resurfacing process takes longer than expected, the game may be delayed, or the subsequent period may start with less time remaining.

7. Can the time between periods be adjusted for any particular reason?
– Yes, the time between periods can be adjusted under specific circumstances, such as game delays or if there are constraints due to broadcasting schedules.

The time between periods in hockey is 18 minutes. This interval allows for various activities such as ice resurfacing, rest for players, and strategic discussions for teams. It serves as a break between intense game segments and provides an opportunity for adjustments and preparations for the subsequent period.