How Long Is Intermission In Hockey Playoffs

Intermission in hockey playoffs typically lasts for 17 minutes. Here are five supporting facts:

1. League rules: The National Hockey League (NHL), which is the premier professional hockey league in North America, mandates a 17-minute intermission during playoff games.

2. Television broadcast requirements: Television networks that cover hockey playoffs also typically have a 17-minute intermission. This allows time for commercials, analysis, and highlights.

3. Player rest and strategy: Intermissions in hockey playoffs are designed to provide players with a chance to rest and recover. It also gives coaches an opportunity to review game footage, adjust strategies, and communicate with their teams.

4. Ice maintenance: During intermissions, the ice surface is typically repaired, resurfaced, and maintained. This ensures that the playing surface remains in optimal condition for the remainder of the game.

5. Fan experience: Intermissions allow fans to take breaks, grab refreshments, and visit restrooms. The longer duration of 17 minutes gives spectators ample time to relax and prepare for the next period.


1. Why is there an intermission in hockey playoffs?
– Intermissions provide players with rest and strategizing time, allow for ice maintenance, and give fans a break.

2. How long are intermissions in regular-season hockey games?
– Intermissions in regular-season hockey games usually last for 15 minutes.

3. Can the intermission be shortened or extended?
– The duration of the intermission is typically fixed at 17 minutes in NHL playoff games, but it can vary in other leagues or competitions.

4. Are intermissions the same length during overtime in playoffs?
– Yes, intermissions during overtime in playoff games are the same 17 minutes as in regulation time.

5. What happens during the intermission besides downtime?
– During intermissions, the ice surface is maintained, coaches assess strategies, and television stations air commercials, analysis, and highlights.

6. Can teams still make changes to the lineup during intermission?
– Yes, teams can make changes to their lineup, strategize, and discuss game plans during the intermission.

7. Do the zambonis resurface the ice during the intermission?
– Yes, the intermission allows time for the zambonis (ice resurfacing machines) to resurface and maintain the ice surface for optimal gameplay.

Intermissions in hockey playoffs are 17 minutes in duration. They provide players rest and strategizing time, allow for ice maintenance, and give fans a break. It is a crucial part of the game that plays a significant role in the overall hockey experience.