How Long Is Intermission In Hockey Overtime

Answer:The intermission in hockey overtime usually lasts for 15 minutes. Here are 5 supporting facts to further clarify this:

1. NHL regulations: According to the National Hockey League (NHL) regulations, the intermission during overtime in a regular-season game is set at 15 minutes.
2. Length consistency: The overtime intermission duration remains consistent across most professional hockey leagues around the world to maintain fairness and uniformity.
3. Player recovery time: The 15-minute intermission allows players to rest, rehydrate, and receive necessary medical attention if required during high-intensity playoff or overtime games.
4. Arena logistics: The intermission duration allows time for arena staff to perform necessary maintenance tasks such as ice resurfacing and restoring any damaged areas on the playing surface.
5. Broadcast requirements: The 15-minute intermission also provides broadcasters and advertisers time to air commercials, analyze the game, and discuss strategies before the overtime period resumes.


1. Can the intermission duration be longer than 15 minutes in hockey overtime?
– No, the NHL and most professional leagues have set the standard intermission duration at 15 minutes for consistency and fairness.

2. Why is there an intermission during overtime?
– The intermission allows players to recover and prepare physically and mentally for the next period while providing time for essential arena and broadcast tasks.

3. What happens during the intermission?
– Players receive medical attention if needed, hydrate, rest, and discuss strategies with coaches and teammates. Arena staff performs ice treatment, and broadcasters air commercials or analyze the game.

4. Is the intermission duration the same for regular-season and playoff games?
– Yes, the intermission duration remains the same for both regular-season and playoff games to maintain consistency and fairness across all games.

5. Can the intermission be shorter if both teams agree?
– It is unlikely, as the intermission duration is standardized by the league regulations, and adjustments would require mutual agreement from the teams and league officials.

6. What factors determine the intermission length in other sports?
– In other sports, intermission lengths vary depending on factors such as halftime entertainment, logistics, broadcast requirements, and the nature and duration of the game.

7. Does the intermission time count towards game duration?
– No, the intermission time is separate from the actual gameplay time and does not count towards the total duration of the game.

The intermission during hockey overtime lasts for 15 minutes, providing players with necessary rest and recovery time, allowing for arena maintenance tasks, and giving broadcasters an opportunity to analyze the game and air commercials. This standard duration ensures consistency and fairness across hockey games.