How Long Is An Nhl Hockey Rink

The NHL hockey rink, also known as the ice surface, is measured to be 200 feet long.
Supporting facts:
1. The NHL follows the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) standard rink length of 200 feet.
2. The 200-foot rink length allows for fast-paced and dynamic gameplay.
3. The rink length is divided into three zones: defensive, neutral, and offensive zones.
4. The goal lines, where the nets are located, are positioned at each end of the rink.
5. The 200-foot length provides ample space for players to maneuver and showcase their skills.


1. Why is the NHL rink 200 feet long?
– The 200-foot length provides enough space for players to showcase their skills and promotes fast-paced, exciting gameplay.

2. Are all hockey rinks the same size as the NHL rink?
– No, international rinks may vary in size, but the NHL follows the IIHF standard and maintains a consistent 200-foot length.

3. How wide is an NHL hockey rink?
– The NHL rink is typically 85 feet wide, allowing sufficient space for players to pass and maneuver.

4. Are there different rink sizes in professional leagues other than the NHL?
– Yes, some professional leagues may have different rink sizes, although many leagues adopted the 200-foot length followed by the NHL.

5. Do all NHL teams have the same rink size in their home arenas?
– Yes, all NHL teams adhere to the league-wide standard of a 200-foot long rink in their home arenas.

6. How are the defensive, neutral, and offensive zones divided on an NHL rink?
– The defensive zone is the area closest to the team’s own net, the neutral zone is the middle section of the rink, and the offensive zone is the area closest to the opposing team’s net.

7. Does the rink size affect gameplay strategies?
– Yes, rink size can influence gameplay strategies, such as how teams forecheck or defend, as the available space impacts positioning and overall game dynamics.

BOTTOM LINE: The NHL hockey rink measures 200 feet long, adhering to the IIHF standard. This length allows for fast-paced gameplay and is consistent across all NHL arenas.