How Long Is A Youth Hockey Stick

Answer: The length of a youth hockey stick can vary depending on the age and height of the player. However, as a general guideline, a youth hockey stick is typically between 40 inches and 52 inches long.
Supporting Facts:
1. Age and height: The length of a youth hockey stick should be appropriate for the player’s age and height to ensure they can use it comfortably and effectively.
2. Flexibility: Youth hockey sticks are often designed with a lower flex rating to accommodate the players’ lower strength and allow for better control and shot accuracy.
3. Customization: Some players may prefer a longer or shorter stick depending on their individual playing style and preference.
4. Growth spurt: It’s important to check the stick’s length regularly as youth players can experience growth spurts, requiring them to adjust the stick accordingly.
5. Consultation: It is recommended for parents or players to consult with coaches or hockey experts who can provide guidance on the appropriate stick length.


1. How can I determine the right length for a youth hockey stick?
– Measure the player’s height and match it to the suggested stick length guidelines provided by hockey equipment manufacturers.

2. Can a youth hockey stick be cut shorter?
– Yes, many sticks can be cut to the desired length. However, it’s important to check if the stick is designed to be cut without compromising its performance.

3. What if my child grows out of their youth hockey stick quickly?
– It is common for youth players to outgrow their sticks, especially during growth spurts. It is advisable to regularly check the stick’s length and replace it if necessary.

4. Can my child use an adult-sized hockey stick if they find the youth stick too short?
– Using an adult-sized stick may hinder a young player’s control and shot accuracy. It is recommended to stick with the appropriate youth stick size until the player’s strength and skill level grow.

5. How often should I check the stick’s length as my child grows?
– It is a good practice to check the stick’s length every couple of months, especially during periods of rapid growth, to ensure it still matches the player’s height.

6. Will a longer stick give my child a reach advantage?
– While a longer stick may provide a slightly longer reach, it may also be more difficult for a youth player to handle and control. Thus, it is essential to find the right balance between reach and stick handling ability.

7. Can my child’s playing position affect the ideal stick length?
– Different playing positions may have different preferences when it comes to stick length. For example, forwards might prefer shorter sticks for better stickhandling, while defensemen may prefer longer sticks for extended reach and better poke checking.

BOTTOM LINE: The length of a youth hockey stick should be appropriate for the player’s age, height, and playing style. It is important to regularly check the stick’s length and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal comfort and performance on the ice. Consulting with experts and coaches can provide valuable guidance in selecting the right stick length for a young player.