How Long Does A Walleye Hockey Game Last

A Walleye hockey game typically lasts around 2 hours, but the exact duration can vary based on several factors. Here are five supporting facts:
1. Length of periods: A Walleye hockey game consists of three periods, each lasting 20 minutes. This adds up to a total of 60 minutes for regulation play.

2. Stoppage time: Hockey games often experience stoppages in play for various reasons such as penalties, injuries, or video reviews. These stoppages can extend the overall duration of the game.

3. Overtime: In the event of a tied score at the end of the regulation play, overtime is played. The overtime period lasts for 5 minutes, and if no team scores during this period, a shootout may follow. Overtime and shootouts can prolong the game duration.

4. Intermissions: There are two intermissions during a Walleye hockey game, one between the first and second periods, and another between the second and third periods. Typically, these intermissions last around 15 minutes each, allowing players to rest and make necessary adjustments.

5. Possible delays: Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions or technical issues might cause additional delays during a hockey game. These delays can contribute to an extended duration.


1. Are there any situations where a Walleye hockey game can be shorter than two hours?
Yes, if one team secures a significant lead over the other, it may result in a shortened game if the leading team meets certain point differentials outlined by the league.

2. Can the length of the game be affected by penalties?
Yes, if there are multiple penalties during a game, the time spent serving those penalties can add to the overall duration of the game.

3. How long are the intermissions?
The intermissions during a Walleye hockey game typically last around 15 minutes each, providing enough time for the teams to rest and strategize.

4. Is overtime included in the 2-hour duration?
Yes, if the game goes into overtime, the additional time spent during the overtime period is included in the overall duration of the game.

5. How often do Walleye hockey games go into overtime?
The frequency of games going into overtime can vary, and it depends on various factors such as the competitiveness of the teams and the score at the end of regulation play.

6. Is there a time limit for shootouts in Walleye hockey games?
No, there is no specific time limit for shootouts. The number of rounds played may vary until one team scores and the other does not, leading to a winner.

7. How do delays affect the overall game duration?
Delays can extend the overall duration of a Walleye hockey game. Factors such as severe weather conditions or technical malfunctions may result in prolonged delays.

On average, a Walleye hockey game lasts approximately 2 hours. However, various factors like stoppage time, intermissions, overtime, penalties, and possible delays can contribute to the overall duration, causing it to vary from game to game.