How Long Does A Hockey Game Last Nhl

Hockey games in the NHL typically last about 2 hours and 30 minutes, including both regulation time and potential overtime.
Fact 1: Regulation time in an NHL game lasts for 60 minutes, divided into three periods of 20 minutes each.
Fact 2: There are two short intermissions between the periods, each lasting approximately 17 minutes.
Fact 3: If the game is tied after regulation time, an additional period of overtime may be played.
Fact 4: In regular-season NHL games, overtime lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes.
Fact 5: If neither team scores in the overtime period, the game goes into a shootout, where each team gets three attempts to score.


Q1: How does overtime work in NHL games?
A1: In overtime, teams play with three skaters per side instead of the usual five. If a team scores during overtime, they win the game. If not, the game proceeds to a shootout.

Q2: How long does a shootout last?
A2: Shootouts consist of three rounds for each team, and if the game remains tied after three rounds, additional rounds are played until there is a winner.

Q3: Do ties still occur in NHL games?
A3: No, ties no longer occur in the NHL. If the game remains tied after overtime and a shootout, each team is awarded one point, and an additional point is awarded to the team that wins the shootout.

Q4: What happens during intermissions?
A4: Intermissions provide players with a break between periods. Teams discuss their strategies, make adjustments, and rest before returning to the ice for the next period.

Q5: Are there any breaks during regulation time?
A5: While there are no official breaks during regulation time, play may be paused temporarily if there are injuries or penalties assessed to players.

Q6: Are there any time-outs allowed during a game?
A6: Each team is allowed one time-out per game, which can be used during regulation time or overtime. A time-out lasts for one minute.

Q7: Can NHL games go on for longer than expected?
A7: Yes, in certain situations, like playoff games, there is no limit to the length of overtime. However, during the regular season, the maximum overtime period is 5 minutes. If the game remains tied after that, a shootout determines the winner.

BOTTOM LINE: The duration of an NHL game is typically about 2 hours and 30 minutes, including regulation time and potential overtime. The game consists of three 20-minute periods, with two short intermissions. In case of a tie, a 5-minute overtime period is played, followed by a shootout if necessary.