How Long Are Icemen Hockey Games

The length of Icemen hockey games can vary depending on several factors. Here are 5 supporting facts regarding the duration of these games:
1. Standard game duration: On average, an Icemen hockey game lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours.
2. Regulation play: Regulation play consists of three periods, each lasting 20 minutes, with breaks in between. This adds up to a total of 60 minutes of gameplay.
3. Overtime possibility: If the game is tied after regulation, an additional overtime period of 5 minutes may be played, increasing the game duration.
4. Shootout scenarios: In case the game remains tied after overtime, a shootout may occur, consisting of multiple rounds until a winner is determined. This adds some extra time to the overall duration of the game.
5. Potential delays: Delays caused by various factors such as injuries, penalties, or technical issues can also affect the length of Icemen hockey games.


1. Do the intermissions between periods count in the total game duration?
Yes, the intermissions between periods are included in the total game duration. The players and officials use this time to rest, strategize, and make necessary adjustments.

2. Can games go into multiple overtimes?
Yes, if a tied game reaches the end of a single overtime period without a winning goal, additional overtime periods may be played until a winner is determined.

3. Are there time-outs during Icemen hockey games?
Yes, each team has the opportunity to call for a time-out once per game. Time-outs allow the players and coaches to regroup, discuss tactics, and provide necessary rest during intense moments of play.

4. How long do shootouts typically last?
Shootouts themselves are relatively short and usually last for a few minutes. However, the time it takes for a shootout to conclude can vary depending on the number of rounds required to determine a winner.

5. Can weather conditions impact game duration?
Yes, in outdoor games or arenas without proper climate control, severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall or prolonged fog can lead to delays and pauses in the game, ultimately extending its duration.

6. Can the officials add extra time to make up for delays?
If there are significant delays during the game, the officials might decide to add extra time to make up for the lost minutes, ensuring both teams have equal playing time.

7. Are there any breaks for TV timeouts during Icemen hockey games?
Yes, in some professional leagues, TV timeouts may occur. These breaks are timed to allow for commercial breaks and provide television broadcasters the opportunity to showcase advertisements.

Icemen hockey games typically last around 2 to 2.5 hours, including regulation play, potential overtimes, shootouts, and intermissions. However, factors like delays and weather conditions can influence the overall duration of the games.