How I Met Your Mother Hockey

How I Met Your Mother Hockey
How I Met Your Mother is a popular sitcom that aired from 2005 to 2014. Although hockey is not a central theme in the show, it is mentioned and referenced on several occasions. Here are 5 supporting facts about the connection between How I Met Your Mother and hockey:

1. Barney Stinson’s love for hockey: Barney, one of the main characters in the show, is often seen sporting hockey jerseys and expressing his love for the sport. In several episodes, he references hockey teams and players, showcasing his passion for the game.

2. “Slap Bet” episode: One of the most memorable episodes of How I Met Your Mother is called “Slap Bet.” In this episode, the characters make a bet about Robin’s secret, and the punishment is a slap. The slap bet is reminiscent of the tradition in hockey games where fans often chant for a player to receive a “slap shot.”

3. The Bro Code and hockey rules: “The Bro Code” is a recurring theme in How I Met Your Mother, and it includes various rules and guidelines for friendships. In one of the sections, it is mentioned that being a true bro means understanding hockey and its rules.

4. Ice hockey dates: Throughout the series, there are episodes where characters go on ice hockey dates. These scenes not only showcase the characters’ romantic connections but also incorporate the sport into the storyline.

5. The Super Bowl episode: In one episode, titled “The Sexless Innkeeper,” the characters plan to watch the Super Bowl while avoiding spoilers. However, due to their inability to watch the game live, they all agree to treat the next day as “Super Bowl Monday.” This episode indirectly refers to the rivalry between hockey and football, as hockey fans often consider themselves superior to football fans.


Q1: How often is hockey mentioned in How I Met Your Mother?
A1: Hockey is mentioned and referenced in various episodes, but it is not a central theme of the show. It appears sporadically throughout the series.

Q2: Which hockey teams are mentioned in How I Met Your Mother?
A2: Different hockey teams are referenced by the characters, including the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, and San Jose Sharks.

Q3: Are there any famous hockey players mentioned in the show?
A3: Yes, Barney Stinson, one of the main characters, often mentions famous hockey players like Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

Q4: Does Barney Stinson play hockey?
A4: Although Barney is portrayed as an athlete in the show, there is no specific mention of him playing hockey. His love for the sport is mainly expressed through wearing hockey jerseys and referencing the game.

Q5: Are there any hockey-themed episodes in How I Met Your Mother?
A5: While the show does not have dedicated episodes solely focused on hockey, there are scenes and storylines where hockey plays a significant role, such as ice hockey dates.

Q6: Who is the most avid hockey fan among the main characters?
A6: Barney Stinson is portrayed as the most passionate hockey fan in the show, often seen donning hockey jerseys and expressing his love for the sport.

Q7: Are there any hockey inside jokes or references in How I Met Your Mother?
A7: Yes, there are inside jokes related to hockey, such as the “slap bet” episode and references to the Bro Code’s rules about understanding hockey.

BOTTOM LINE: Although How I Met Your Mother is not primarily focused on hockey, the sport is referenced throughout the series. Hockey fans and enthusiasts will appreciate the occasional mentions and the passion displayed by the characters like Barney Stinson.