How Fast Do Professional Hockey Players Skate

Professional hockey players skate at incredible speeds. Here are 5 supporting facts:
1. The fastest recorded speed on skates by a professional hockey player is 31.7 mph (51 kph). This record was set by Dylan Larkin at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game.
2. On average, professional hockey players skate at speeds between 20-25 mph (32-40 kph) during games.
3. The speed of professional hockey players is largely due to their powerful leg muscles and the technique they use to generate speed on the ice.
4. Professional players spend countless hours practicing their skating skills, working on their stride, balance, and quick turns to maximize their speed and agility.
5. The speed of hockey players can vary depending on many factors including their position, skill level, and style of play.


1. How fast do NHL players skate in a normal game?
– On average, NHL players skate between 20-25 mph during games. However, some players can reach higher speeds during certain plays or in a breakaway situation.

2. How do hockey players generate so much speed?
– Hockey players generate speed through a combination of powerful leg muscles and proper technique. They use quick and powerful strides and push off with their skate edges to propel themselves forward.

3. Who is the fastest skater in NHL history?
– The fastest recorded speed by a professional hockey player was achieved by Dylan Larkin, who reached 31.7 mph at the NHL All-Star Game in 2016.

4. Do all hockey players skate at the same speed?
– No, the speed of hockey players can vary depending on various factors such as their position, skill level, and style of play. Defensemen, for example, may not skate as fast as forwards but focus more on defensive positioning.

5. Can a hockey player skate faster than Olympic sprinters?
– Olympic sprinters are generally faster than hockey players in a straight-line sprint. However, when it comes to maneuvering and changing direction quickly on the ice, hockey players have the advantage due to their ability to skate on edges.

6. How do hockey players maintain their speed during a game?
– Hockey players maintain their speed by continuously propelling themselves forward with powerful strides. They also use their stick for balance and leverage, helping them stay upright and maintain momentum.

7. Do all professional hockey players have the same skating technique?
– While there are basic skating techniques that all hockey players learn, each player may have their slight variations based on their individual style and what works best for them. Some players may have a more upright stance, while others may have a lower, more crouched position for increased power and stability.

Professional hockey players skate at impressive speeds, with some reaching speeds of up to 31.7 mph. Their ability to generate speed comes from their strong leg muscles and excellent skating technique. Their speed can vary based on position, skill level, and style of play.