How Early Should I Get To A Hockey Game

When it comes to attending a hockey game, it is important to arrive early to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here are 5 supporting facts that explain why getting to a hockey game early is beneficial:

1. Security Check-in: Most hockey arenas have a security check-in process that includes bag inspections and metal detector screenings. Getting to the game early allows you to go through this process without hassle or rush.

2. Parking: Arriving early provides you with a better chance of finding convenient parking near the arena. This saves you time and allows you to have an easier commute before and after the game.

3. Pre-game Activities: Many hockey games offer pre-game activities outside the arena, such as live music, tailgating, or interactive fan experiences. Arriving early gives you the opportunity to participate in these activities and enhance your overall game-day experience.

4. Good Seats: If you desire the best seats in the house, it’s essential to be early. By arriving before the majority of fans, you increase your chances of securing prime seating locations and an unobstructed view of the game.

5. Team Warm-ups: Hockey games often include a warm-up session for the teams before the official start. Arriving early enables you to witness these warm-ups, which can be an exciting experience and provide a closer look at the players’ skills.


1. How early should I arrive at a hockey game?
– It is generally recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled game time.

2. What happens if I arrive late to a hockey game?
– If you arrive late, you might miss out on pre-game activities, have difficulty finding parking, and potentially have to wait in longer security lines.

3. Can arriving early help me avoid long lines?
– Yes, arriving early allows you to beat the rush, ensuring a quicker and smoother entry into the arena.

4. Are there any benefits to arriving early apart from avoiding the crowds?
– Yes, arriving early gives you the chance to explore the arena, visit merchandise stores, and grab something to eat or drink before the game.

5. Is it necessary to arrive early if I already have assigned seats?
– Even if you have assigned seats, arriving early allows you to settle in comfortably, check out the arena and its surroundings, and be ready for the start of the game.

6. Can I still participate in pre-game activities if I arrive close to game time?
– While you may still be able to participate, arriving early ensures you don’t miss out on any activities due to long lines or limited spots.

7. Do I need to arrive early for every hockey game I attend?
– It is generally a good practice to arrive early for most hockey games, but the importance may vary based on any special events or circumstances surrounding the game.

Arriving early to a hockey game is highly recommended for a smoother entry, better parking options, participation in pre-game activities, good seats, and witnessing team warm-ups. It allows you to make the most of your game-day experience and avoid unnecessary stress and delays.