How Does Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Work

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey is a popular online platform that allows users to create and manage their own fantasy hockey teams. Here are 5 facts to understand how it works:
1. Drafting Players: At the beginning of the season, you will participate in an online draft to select players for your team. The draft order is typically randomized, and you will have a specified time limit to make each selection.

2. Scoring System: Yahoo Fantasy Hockey uses a comprehensive scoring system that awards points based on players’ performances in actual NHL games. Points are earned for various actions like goals, assists, shots on goal, and goalie saves. The scoring system can be customized by the league commissioner.

3. Weekly Matchups: Throughout the season, your team will compete against other teams in your league on a weekly basis. The performance of your players during that week’s NHL games will determine how many points your team earns and its ranking within the league.

4. Roster Management: You have the ability to add, drop, and trade players throughout the season to improve your team’s performance. It requires strategic decision-making to select the right players based on their performance, injuries, and upcoming matchups.

5. Playoffs and Championships: Towards the end of the NHL regular season, playoffs are held in fantasy hockey leagues. The top teams in the league compete head-to-head, and the team with the most points at the end of the playoffs is crowned as the league champion.


1. Can I play Yahoo Fantasy Hockey for free?
Yes, Yahoo Fantasy Hockey offers free leagues that can be joined by anyone and are supported by ads. However, there are also paid leagues that offer additional features and prizes.

2. How many teams can participate in a Yahoo Fantasy Hockey league?
Yahoo allows leagues to have a minimum of 4 teams and a maximum of 20 teams. The ideal size for a league is usually between 8 to 12 teams.

3. Can I make trades with other teams in my league?
Yes, trading is one of the strategies you can use to improve your team. You can propose trades to other teams in your league and negotiate player swaps based on their mutual benefits.

4. Can I change my team’s name and logo?
Absolutely! Yahoo Fantasy Hockey allows you to customize your team’s name and upload a logo or choose one from their pre-existing options to personalize your team’s identity.

5. How often can I make changes to my roster?
You can make unlimited changes to your roster throughout the season, as long as the players you want are not locked due to their game already starting or being involved in a waiver process.

6. Can I play Yahoo Fantasy Hockey on a mobile device?
Yes, Yahoo Fantasy Hockey has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to manage your team and participate in league activities on-the-go.

7. Can I join multiple Yahoo Fantasy Hockey leagues?
Absolutely! You can join as many leagues as you want, either with friends, family, or other fantasy hockey enthusiasts, and manage multiple teams simultaneously.

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey provides an interactive and engaging platform for hockey fans to satisfy their competitive spirit. Through drafting players, managing rosters, and participating in weekly matchups, users can experience the thrill of managing their own fantasy hockey teams and competing against friends and fellow enthusiasts.