How Does The Staples Center Switch From Hockey To Basketball

The Staples Center is home to both the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) and the Los Angeles Kings (NHL), which means it needs to constantly transform its arena to accommodate both hockey and basketball games. Here are five supporting facts about how the Staples Center switches from hockey to basketball:
1. Convertible Court: The Staples Center has a convertible court that can be easily rolled in and out of the arena. This allows for a quick transformation from a hockey rink to a basketball court.

2. Removable Ice: The ice surface for hockey games is actually removable. Once a hockey game is done, the ice is melted and removed, making way for the basketball court.

3. Technology: The Staples Center utilizes advanced technologies to ensure a seamless transition. The retractable seats and floor systems are key components that facilitate the conversion process.

4. Dedicated Crew: The Staples Center has a dedicated crew that works swiftly to convert the arena. This team consists of experienced professionals who are trained to efficiently switch between hockey and basketball setups.

5. Time Management: The staff at the Staples Center has mastered the art of time management when it comes to conversions. They have a well-defined plan and systematic approach in place to ensure that the transformation is completed within the shortest possible timeframe.


1. How long does it take to switch from hockey to basketball at the Staples Center?
The conversion process usually takes around 12-18 hours, depending on the complexity of the setup required for the specific basketball game.

2. Do they have to melt the ice after every hockey game?
Yes, the ice surface is melted and removed after every hockey game to make way for the basketball court.

3. Is it difficult to roll in the convertible court?
No, the convertible court is designed to be easily rolled in and out of the arena. It is a well-engineered system that ensures a smooth transition.

4. Are the seats and floor reconfigured for each game?
Yes, the retractable seats and floor systems are reconfigured to accommodate the specific requirements of each game. This allows for optimal viewing angles and player performance.

5. What happens to the melted ice after it is removed?
The melted ice is recycled and used for various purposes, such as watering plants and landscaping.

6. Who is responsible for the conversion process at the Staples Center?
A dedicated crew consisting of experienced professionals is responsible for the conversion process. They work tirelessly to ensure a seamless transformation between hockey and basketball games.

7. Has the Staples Center ever experienced any issues during the conversion process?
While no major issues have been reported, there have been instances where the conversion process took longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the staff at the Staples Center is well-prepared to handle such situations and minimize any disruptions.

The Staples Center efficiently switches from hockey to basketball by utilizing a convertible court, removable ice, advanced technology, a dedicated crew, and effective time management. These factors combined ensure that the transition between the two sports is smooth and seamless, allowing for uninterrupted game schedules.