How Does My Hockey Rankings Work

Title: How Does My Hockey Rankings Work?

My Hockey Rankings is a system that ranks hockey teams based on various factors. Here are 5 supporting facts about how this ranking system works:

1. Team performance: My Hockey Rankings takes into account a team’s performance in games played against various opponents. Wins, losses, and ties are considered to determine the overall performance of a team.

2. Strength of schedule: The ranking system takes into consideration the strength of each team’s schedule. Teams that consistently play against tough opponents are given more weightage in the rankings.

3. Margin of victory: The margin of victory in games is also considered by My Hockey Rankings. Teams that win by larger margins are given slightly higher rankings, indicating their dominance in the game.

4. Consistency: The ranking system not only considers individual game performances but also focuses on consistency over time. Teams that consistently perform well over a longer period are rewarded with higher rankings.

5. Statistical analysis: The ranking system also includes statistical analysis, such as goal differentials, goal scoring records, and defense performance, to provide a more comprehensive view of team rankings.


Q1. How frequently are the rankings updated?
A1. The rankings on My Hockey Rankings are updated on a weekly basis to ensure accuracy and incorporate the latest game results.

Q2. Can individual player performances affect the team’s ranking?
A2. No, this ranking system primarily focuses on team performance rather than individual player contributions.

Q3. Does the ranking system consider the level of competition?
A3. Yes, the strength of schedule is an important factor in the rankings, providing a fair assessment of teams that face tougher opponents.

Q4. Are there different rankings for different age groups or divisions?
A4. Yes, My Hockey Rankings provides rankings for various age groups and divisions, recognizing the unique dynamics within each category.

Q5. How can teams improve their rankings?
A5. Teams can improve their rankings by consistently performing well against strong opponents, winning games by larger margins, and displaying consistent success over time.

Q6. How accurate are the rankings?
A6. The rankings on My Hockey Rankings are based on a comprehensive analysis of various factors. While they strive to be accurate, it’s important to note that rankings are subjective to a certain extent.

Q7. Is the ranking system used in any official hockey tournaments or organizations?
A7. My Hockey Rankings is an independent ranking system and does not have an official affiliation with any specific hockey tournaments or organizations.

My Hockey Rankings utilizes various criteria, including team performance, strength of schedule, margin of victory, consistency, and statistical analysis, to rank hockey teams. By factoring in these elements, the system aims to provide a fair and comprehensive assessment of each team’s performance. Keep in mind that rankings are subjective to some extent and are updated weekly to ensure accuracy.