How Does Hockey Stick Flex Work

Answer: Hockey stick flex refers to the ability of a stick to bend when pressure is applied to it. Understanding how hockey stick flex works can help players optimize their shooting and stickhandling skills. Here are five supporting facts about hockey stick flex:
1. Flex rating: Each hockey stick has a flex rating, which indicates the amount of force needed to bend the stick. The higher the flex rating, the stiffer the stick, and vice versa. Common flex ratings range from 70 to 110, with 85 being a popular choice for many players.

2. Shot power: When a player takes a shot, the stick flexes as they apply force to the shaft. As the stick bends, it stores energy in the process. When the player releases the shot, the stick recoils and transfers that stored energy to the puck, resulting in increased shot power.

3. Stickhandling: The flex of a stick also affects stickhandling. A lower flex stick allows for quicker puck control and more sensitivity, making it easier to handle the puck in tight spaces. On the other hand, a higher flex stick provides better stability, which can be advantageous in certain situations.

4. Player weight and strength: A player’s weight and strength play a crucial role in determining the ideal stick flex. Generally, players with a heavier weight or more upper body strength may benefit from a stiffer flex, as they can apply more force to the stick. Conversely, lighter players or those with less power may prefer a more flexible stick to generate better shot power.

5. Style of play: Different positions and playing styles may also influence stick flex preferences. For example, forwards who primarily focus on quick shots and dekes might prefer a lower flex stick for better puck control. Defensemen, on the other hand, may prefer a stiffer stick for harder slap shots and poke checks.


1. How can I determine the right stick flex for me?
– Experimenting with different flex ratings is crucial to finding the right one. Factors such as your shooting technique, playing style, and physical attributes all influence the optimal flex for you. You can start with a stick that has a flex rating close to your body weight and make adjustments from there.

2. What are the advantages of a lower flex stick?
– A lower flex stick offers quicker release and improved puck control. It allows for better feel and responsiveness when stickhandling, making it ideal for players who prioritize agility and finesse.

3. Can stick flex affect accuracy?
– Yes, stick flex can impact accuracy. A stick with too much flex may lead to inconsistent shots, as the stick overbends and loses control. It’s important to find the right balance that allows you to generate power without sacrificing accuracy.

4. Is stick flex solely dependent on the shaft’s design?
– While shaft design plays a part in determining stick flex, it is not the sole factor. The material, length, and weight distribution of the stick also contribute to its flex characteristics. Considering these factors alongside the shaft design is essential when selecting the right stick.

5. How does stick flex affect passing?
– Stick flex can impact passing accuracy and velocity. A stick with the right flex allows for a smooth transfer of energy from the player to the puck, resulting in crisp and precise passes. However, using a stick that is too stiff or too flexible may impede passing accuracy.

6. Can stick flex be adjusted?
– Stick flex cannot be adjusted once the stick is manufactured. However, players can change their stick’s flex by getting a stick with a different flex rating. It’s essential to consider all the factors mentioned earlier to find the most suitable stick flex.

7. Does stick flex affect durability?
– While stick flex may impact durability to some extent, it’s important to note that durability is primarily determined by the stick’s construction and quality of materials used. Using a stick with the appropriate flex for your playing style and taking proper care of it can help maximize its lifespan.

BOTTOM LINE: Understanding how hockey stick flex works is crucial for optimizing shooting power, stickhandling, and overall performance on the ice. Finding the right stick flex requires considering factors such as player weight, strength, playing style, and personal preference. Experimentation and adjusting stick flex accordingly can help players find their ideal stick for maximum performance.