How Does A Hockey Pool Work

A hockey pool is a type of fantasy sports game in which participants select and manage a roster of real-life hockey players to accumulate points based on their performance in actual NHL games. Here’s how a hockey pool works, along with some frequently asked questions and their answers:
1. Drafting Players: Each participant starts by selecting a predetermined number of hockey players from various NHL teams. The selection is usually done through a draft process, where participants take turns choosing players until their rosters are complete.

2. Points System: A points system is established based on player statistics such as goals, assists, plus/minus, penalty minutes, shots on goal, and other categories. Each player’s performance in games will earn them points according to the established scoring system.

3. Tracking Player Performance: Throughout the NHL season, participants track their selected players’ performance in real games. The accumulated statistics for each player determine the points earned in the hockey pool.

4. Competing with Other Participants: The objective of a hockey pool is to accumulate the most points compared to the other participants. The performance of the selected players in real NHL games will directly impact a participant’s standing in the pool.

5. Regular Season and Playoffs: Hockey pools can cover both the NHL regular season and playoffs. Participants can earn points for their players’ performances in both the regular season and playoff games, and the winner is determined at the end of the season or playoffs.


1. Can I create my own hockey pool with friends?
Yes, you can organize a hockey pool with your friends by establishing the rules, selecting a draft format, and using online platforms or manually tracking player performances.

2. How are draft orders determined?
Draft orders can be determined by random selection, auction bidding, or using a serpentine/snake draft order, where the order reverses in subsequent rounds.

3. Can I trade or make roster changes during the season?
Most hockey pools allow participants to trade players with other participants or make roster changes through waivers or free agent acquisitions, similar to how NHL teams operate.

4. Can I have players from any NHL team on my roster?
Yes, you can have players from any NHL team on your roster, but you must adhere to any limitations set by the pool rules, such as a maximum number of players from the same team.

5. How often are scoring updates done in a hockey pool?
Scoring updates can vary depending on the platform or rules set for the pool. Some pools provide daily updates, while others may do it weekly or in real-time.

6. Do I need to have an in-depth knowledge of hockey to participate?
While having knowledge of hockey can be beneficial, it is not a requirement to participate. Many participants use various resources such as player rankings, projections, and advice from experts to make their selections.

7. Can I join multiple hockey pools?
Yes, you can join multiple hockey pools if you want to compete with different groups of participants or try different formats and rules.

A hockey pool involves selecting and managing a roster of NHL players to accumulate points based on their performance in real games. The objective is to gather the most points and compete against other participants. Whether you organize a pool with friends or join existing ones, it’s a fun way to engage with the NHL season and test your hockey knowledge.