How Do You Size A Field Hockey Stick

When it comes to sizing a field hockey stick, there are several factors to consider to ensure you have the perfect fit. Here are five supporting facts to help you understand how to size a field hockey stick:

1. Stick length: The first thing to consider when sizing a field hockey stick is the length. The ideal stick length varies depending on the player’s height and position on the field. Generally, sticks range from 35 to 38 inches in length.

2. Player’s height: The player’s height is a crucial factor in determining the stick size. Taller players may require longer sticks to compensate for their height, while shorter players may benefit from shorter sticks for better control.

3. Player’s position: Different positions on the field may require different stick sizes. Forwards often use shorter sticks for better maneuverability and quick stick skills, while defenders and midfielders may prefer longer sticks for enhanced reach and power.

4. Grip height: The grip height is another critical factor in sizing a field hockey stick. The player should be able to comfortably hold the stick with both hands, ensuring the grip is neither too high nor too low for proper control and execution of skills.

5. Flexibility: The stick’s flexibility is essential in achieving proper stick skills and power. It’s crucial to choose a stick with the appropriate level of flexibility based on the player’s style of play and experience level.


1. How do I measure the ideal stick length?
To measure the stick length, stand in a neutral position with the stick standing vertically next to your body. The ideal length is when the stick reaches the top of your hipbone.

2. Should I choose a shorter stick for better control?
Shorter sticks are often preferred by players who prioritize control and quick stick skills, such as forwards or midfielders. However, it ultimately depends on your playing style and position on the field.

3. Can I use a longer stick for more power?
Yes, a longer stick can provide enhanced power, especially for defenders or midfielders who frequently engage in long passes or shots. However, it may sacrifice some maneuverability, so choose accordingly.

4. How do I determine the right grip height?
To determine the perfect grip height, hold the stick with both hands as if you are playing and ensure you can comfortably grip it. The grip should neither be too high nor too low for optimal control.

5. What level of stick flexibility should I choose?
The stick’s flexibility depends on your playing style and experience level. More experienced players may prefer a stiffer stick for increased power, while beginners may benefit from a more flexible stick for better control.

6. Can I use the same stick size as my favorite player?
While it’s common to be inspired by professional players, stick size should be based on your own height, position, and playing style. Copying a favorite player’s stick size may not necessarily translate to the best fit for you.

7. Should I consult a professional before choosing a stick size?
If you’re unsure about which stick size is right for you, consulting a professional, such as a coach or experienced player, can provide valuable guidance to ensure you select the ideal stick for your needs.

BOTTOM LINE: Sizing a field hockey stick involves considering factors such as stick length, player’s height, position, grip height, and flexibility. Measuring the stick length, choosing the right grip height, and selecting the appropriate stick flexibility based on playing style and experience level are crucial. Consulting a professional can help ensure you choose the perfect fit.