How Do You Say Hockey In Italian

How Do You Say Hockey In Italian

The word “hockey” in Italian is “hockey.”

Supporting Facts:

1. Loanword: “Hockey” is a loanword in Italian, which means it is borrowed from another language without being significantly altered.
2. English Influence: The English language has had a significant impact on Italian vocabulary in recent years, incorporating words like “hockey” to describe the sport.
3. Non-native Sport: Hockey is not traditionally an Italian sport, so the Italian language does not have a native word for it.
4. International Recognition: Since hockey is played globally and is part of international sporting events, it is commonly referred to using the original English term, “hockey,” in many languages, including Italian.
5. Pronunciation: The pronunciation of “hockey” in Italian follows the standard Italian phonetic rules, with a silent “h” and the stress on the first syllable.


Q1: Are there any variations in how “hockey” is pronounced in Italian?
A1: No, the pronunciation of “hockey” in Italian remains the same as in English, without any significant changes.

Q2: Does Italy have a specific word for the sport of hockey?
A2: No, since hockey is not a traditional Italian sport, the word “hockey” is commonly used to refer to it.

Q3: Is field hockey more popular than ice hockey in Italy?
A3: Yes, field hockey is more popular in Italy compared to ice hockey, but both are relatively minor sports in the country.

Q4: Are there any Italian words related to the sport of hockey?
A4: There are some Italian words related to different aspects of hockey, such as “puck” (dischetto) and “goal” (porta), but they are specific terms within the context of the sport.

Q5: Are there any Italian hockey teams or leagues?
A5: Yes, Italy has both field hockey and ice hockey teams, participating in various leagues and competitions, but they do not enjoy the same level of popularity as other sports in the country.

Q6: Have Italian players made an impact in the international hockey scene?
A6: While Italian hockey players have not achieved widespread recognition on the international stage, there have been notable individuals who have represented Italy in various tournaments and leagues.

Q7: Can I watch hockey games in Italy?
A7: Yes, you can watch hockey games in Italy, although the availability and coverage may vary depending on the specific league and location.

In Italian, the word “hockey” remains the same as in English, reflecting its status as a loanword. Hockey is not a traditional Italian sport, so there is no native word for it. Although field hockey is more popular than ice hockey in Italy, both sports have dedicated teams and leagues. While Italian players may not be prominent in the international hockey scene, the sport can still be enjoyed and followed within the country.