How Do You Say Hockey In French

How Do You Say Hockey In French?
Hockey in French is pronounced as “hockey” but spelled as “hockey”. The pronunciation remains the same as the English word.

Supporting facts:
1. The French language has borrowed many words from English, including “hockey”.
2. The spelling of the word remains the same in French as it is in English.
3. Many sports terms are universally known and used in different languages, including “hockey”.
4. French-speaking countries have their own hockey terminology but still use the English word “hockey” to refer to the sport.
5. The pronunciation of the word “hockey” in French is similar to its English counterpart.


1. Is there a French word for hockey?
No, the French language uses the word “hockey” to refer to the sport. It is spelled and pronounced the same as in English.

2. How did the word “hockey” become commonly used in French?
As English is widely spoken and has influenced various languages, including French, the word “hockey” has been borrowed by the French language and is commonly used to describe the sport.

3. Are there any differences between French and English hockey terminology?
While French-speaking countries may have their own hockey terms, the word “hockey” itself remains the same in both languages.

4. Are there any French words related to ice hockey?
Yes, there are specific terms in French related to ice hockey, such as “patinage” (skating) and “crosse” (stick), but the overall sport is still referred to as “hockey.”

5. Do French speakers use the word “hockey” when talking about field hockey?
Yes, both field hockey and ice hockey are referred to as “hockey” in French. The context usually clarifies which type of hockey is being discussed.

6. Are there any other languages that use the word “hockey”?
Yes, the word “hockey” is widely used in many languages around the world. It is a common term used to describe the sport regardless of the country.

7. Can you provide an example sentence of using the word “hockey” in French?
Certainly! “Nous jouons au hockey tous les dimanches.” translates to “We play hockey every Sunday” in English.

In French, the word “hockey” is used to refer to the sport, both on ice and on field. It is pronounced and spelled the same as in English, and while there may be specific terms related to hockey in French-speaking countries, the word “hockey” remains universally recognized.