How Do You Get Hockey Cards Graded

Answer: To get hockey cards graded, follow these steps:
1. Research grading companies: There are several grading companies in the market, such as Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) and Beckett Grading Services (BGS). Take the time to research and compare each company’s grading standards, turnaround time, and cost.

2. Select the cards to be graded: Choose the hockey cards you want to be graded. Typically, higher-value cards or rookie cards are the ones most collectors choose to get graded.

3. Protect the cards: Before sending your cards for grading, ensure they are well-protected. Place them in a card sleeve, then put them in a toploader or semi-rigid card holder. Make sure the cards are secure and won’t be damaged during transit.

4. Complete the submission form: Each grading company has its own submission form that needs to be filled out. Provide accurate information, including your contact details and details about the cards you are submitting. Be sure to follow any specific instructions given by the grading company.

5. Ship the cards for grading: Pack your cards securely in a bubble mailer or a box with proper padding to ensure their safety. Include the submission form and any payment required. Use a reputable shipping carrier and consider purchasing insurance for added protection.


1. How much does grading hockey cards cost?
– The cost of grading hockey cards varies depending on the grading company, the type of card, and the desired turnaround time. It can range from around $10 to hundreds of dollars per card.

2. Are all hockey cards worth grading?
– Not all hockey cards are worth grading. It is generally recommended to grade high-value cards, rookie cards, or cards in exceptional condition. Lower-value or common cards may not be worth the cost of grading.

3. How long does it take to get hockey cards graded?
– The turnaround time for grading hockey cards varies among grading companies. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on their workload and the service level chosen.

4. Can I get my graded hockey cards re-evaluated?
– Some grading companies offer re-evaluation or crossover services where you can submit a card previously graded by another company. However, this is typically a separate process and may involve additional fees.

5. Do graded cards have a higher value?
– Graded hockey cards generally have a higher perceived value in the market. The grading adds credibility to the card’s condition and authenticity, making it more desirable among collectors and potentially increasing its market value.

6. Are graded cards protected from damage?
– Graded hockey cards are protected by being encapsulated in a tamper-proof holder. This helps prevent damage from handling, moisture, or other environmental factors. However, it’s important to handle the graded cards with care to avoid scratches or other damage to the holder.

7. Should I get my hockey cards insured during shipping for grading?
– It is recommended to insure your hockey cards when shipping them for grading, especially if they hold significant value. This protects you in case of loss, theft, or damage during transit.

Getting hockey cards graded involves selecting a reputable grading company, protecting the cards, completing the submission form, and shipping them securely. It is essential to consider the cost, turnaround time, and the type of card worth grading. Graded cards generally have higher value and protection, but careful handling is still necessary. Insuring the cards during shipping is also advised for added peace of mind.