How Do They Put Ads On Hockey Boards

How Do They Put Ads On Hockey Boards
Ads on hockey boards are a common sight in hockey arenas worldwide. These advertisements are strategically placed to gain maximum visibility for sponsors and generate revenue for the teams and arenas. But have you ever wondered how they actually put ads on hockey boards? Here are five supporting facts that shed some light on this process:

1. Vinyl Wraps: Most hockey boards feature vinyl wraps, which are large adhesive stickers that bear the advertisements. These wraps are specially designed to withstand the physical contact and fast-paced action of hockey games.

2. Heat Application: The vinyl wraps are applied using heat. This process allows the wraps to adhere firmly to the board’s surface, ensuring longevity and durability throughout the season.

3. Sponsors’ Artwork: Prior to the installation, sponsors provide their artwork to the arena management, who then work with advertising agencies to create visually appealing ad designs. These designs are then printed onto the vinyl wraps.

4. Precise Measurements: Applying ads on hockey boards requires precision. Technicians measure the boards carefully to ensure that the advertisements are placed correctly, and the design is aligned perfectly.

5. Removability: Although the vinyl wraps are designed to be long-lasting, they can be removed when necessary. This enables arenas to update advertisements regularly and accommodate new sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How long do the ads on hockey boards typically last?
A1: The vinyl wraps used for ads on hockey boards are designed to last throughout an entire season, which can span several months. However, if there’s a need for change, the ads can be replaced during the season.

Q2: Are the ads on hockey boards only for sponsorship purposes?
A2: Yes, the primary purpose of ads on hockey boards is to generate revenue through sponsorship deals. The revenue generated helps to support the teams, arenas, and the overall operational costs of hockey games.

Q3: Do all hockey boards have ads on them?
A3: Not all hockey boards feature ads, as it depends on the specific arena and team. Some smaller or community-based arenas might not have ads, while professional and larger arenas almost always have them.

Q4: Can fans purchase ad space on hockey boards?
A4: While it is less common, some professional teams offer ad space to fans or smaller businesses. However, these opportunities are usually limited and come with a higher price tag compared to corporate sponsorships.

Q5: Are there specific guidelines for ad content on hockey boards?
A5: Yes, there are guidelines and restrictions regarding ad content on hockey boards. Often, explicit or controversial content is not permitted, and the ads must align with the values of the team and the arena.

Q6: How are the ads maintained during games?
A6: To maintain the visibility of the ads during games, designated personnel periodically check and clean the vinyl wraps, ensuring they remain free of debris, scuff marks, or any other obstructions.

Q7: Can the ads on hockey boards be customized for different events or tournaments?
A7: Yes, the ads on hockey boards can be customized for specific events or tournaments. In such cases, the existing ads may be covered or replaced temporarily, allowing for event-specific sponsors and branding.

BOTTOM LINE: Ads on hockey boards are applied using vinyl wraps that are heat-applied for durability. They last for an entire season but are replaceable if needed. These ads serve as a crucial source of revenue for teams and arenas, while also providing visibility and exposure to sponsors.