How Do They Change The Ads On The Hockey Rink

Answer:Changing the ads on the hockey rink involves a systematic process that allows for quick and efficient replacement. Here are five supporting facts about how they change the ads on the hockey rink:

1. Removable Boards: The ads on the hockey rink are usually placed on removable boards that can be easily taken off and replaced. These boards are designed to fit snugly onto the rink’s perimeter and are made of durable materials that can withstand the rough game play.

2. Velcro or Zipper Fasteners: The ads on the boards are typically secured using Velcro or zipper fasteners. This allows for easy attachment and detachment of the ads, enabling quick replacements between games or during breaks.

3. Sponsorship Contracts: The ads on the hockey rink are often part of sponsorship contracts with various companies or brands. These contracts usually outline the duration and terms of the ad placement, including the frequency of ad changes throughout the season.

4. Professional Crew: A professional crew is responsible for changing the ads on the hockey rink. They are trained in the efficient removal and installation of the ad boards. This ensures that the process is carried out smoothly and without causing any disruptions to the game.

5. Time Constraints: The time between games or during breaks is utilized for changing the ads on the hockey rink. The crew works swiftly to remove the old ads and install the new ones, ensuring that the process is completed within the allocated time frame.


1. How often are the ads on the hockey rink changed?
– The frequency of ad changes varies depending on the terms of the sponsorship contracts. Some ads may be changed every game, while others may remain in place for the entire season.

2. Do the players notice when the ads on the rink are changed?
– In most cases, players are focused on the game and may not pay much attention to the ad changes. They are more likely to notice changes in the actual layout or design of the rink, rather than individual ads.

3. How long does it take to change the ads on the rink?
– The time required to change the ads can vary, but a professional crew can typically complete the process within a few minutes to ensure minimal disruption during the game.

4. Are there any restrictions on the type of ads that can be placed on the rink?
– Yes, there are usually guidelines and regulations regarding the content and design of the ads. These restrictions ensure that the ads are appropriate and do not violate any ethical or legal standards.

5. Can the ad boards be customized for different events or playoffs?
– Yes, the ad boards can be customized for specific events or playoffs. This allows for targeted advertising and can create a unique atmosphere in the rink during special occasions.

6. Are the ad boards reusable?
– Yes, the ad boards are designed to be reusable. They can withstand frequent installation and removal and are often used for multiple seasons before being replaced.

7. How are the ad boards transported and stored when not in use?
– The ad boards are usually transported and stored in a dedicated storage facility. They are protected from damage or wear during transport and kept in optimal condition for future use.

Changing the ads on the hockey rink entails utilizing removable boards secured with Velcro or zipper fasteners. A professional crew executes the process during time constraints between games. The frequency of ad changes varies based on sponsorship contracts. The ads are often customized for special events, and there are restrictions on their content and design. Overall, the transition is carried out efficiently to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.