How Do The Boards Change Ads In Hockey

How do the boards change ads in hockey?

1. Removable panels: The boards used in hockey arenas have removable panels that can be easily replaced with different advertisements. These panels are usually made of durable materials like plastic or metal and can be customized with various graphics.

2. Velcro system: Many hockey arenas use a velcro system to attach the ads to the boards. The ads have a velcro backing that allows them to be easily stuck onto the boards and removed when needed. This system provides a quick and efficient way to change the ads during the game.

3. Digital boards: Some hockey arenas have digital boards installed on their rink walls. These boards use LED technology to display advertisements digitally. With this technology, ads can be changed in real-time and customized to target specific audiences or events.

4. Sponsor agreements: The ads on the boards are often part of sponsorship agreements between the hockey team and various businesses. These agreements outline the duration and placement of the ads, allowing the team to change them when new sponsors come on board or when the contract term ends.

5. Production companies: Hockey teams may work with production companies specialized in advertising to create and manage the ads on the boards. These companies provide expertise in designing and producing high-quality ads that can be easily swapped out during games.


1. How often are the ads on the boards changed?
– The frequency of ad changes on the boards can vary depending on different factors such as sponsorship agreements and team preferences. Typically, ads are changed periodically, often between games or during breaks in game play.

2. Can ads be changed during a hockey game?
– Yes, ads can be changed during a hockey game. The removable panels or velcro system used on the boards allow for quick and seamless changes between periods or during breaks between plays.

3. Are there any restrictions on the content of the ads?
– Yes, there might be restrictions on the content of the ads displayed on the boards. Hockey leagues and arenas usually have guidelines to ensure that the ads are suitable for all ages and adhere to certain ethical standards.

4. How much does it cost to advertise on the boards?
– The cost of advertising on the boards can vary widely depending on factors such as the popularity of the team, the size of the arena, and the duration of the ad placement. It is typically a negotiated price based on market demand and exposure.

5. Can the digital boards display moving ads or videos?
– Yes, digital boards have the capability to display moving ads or videos. This dynamic feature allows advertisers to create more engaging and eye-catching content to capture the audience’s attention.

6. Do hockey teams have control over which ads are displayed?
– Yes, hockey teams have control over which ads are displayed on the boards. They usually work closely with sponsors and advertising partners to ensure that the displayed ads align with the team’s brand and values.

7. Can local businesses advertise on the boards?
– Absolutely! Local businesses often take advantage of the advertising opportunities on the boards in hockey arenas. It provides them with a platform to reach a large and diverse audience attending the games.

BOTTOM LINE: The boards in hockey arenas use removable panels or velcro systems to change advertisements. Digital boards are also becoming more common, providing real-time and customizable ad displays. Sponsor agreements, production companies, and content restrictions play a role in determining the ads’ frequency and content. Advertising on the boards offers a valuable opportunity for both national and local businesses to gain exposure to a wide audience during hockey games.