How Do Reebok Hockey Jerseys Fit

Reebok hockey jerseys are known for their excellent fit and comfort. Here are five supporting facts to answer the question of how Reebok hockey jerseys fit:
1. Size Chart: Reebok provides a comprehensive size chart for their jerseys, which can be found on their website or in stores. This allows players to find the perfect fit based on their measurements.

2. Pro Cut vs. Replica: Reebok offers two different types of jerseys: Pro Cut and Replica. Pro Cut jerseys are designed to replicate the fit and feel of professional jerseys worn by NHL players. Replica jerseys, on the other hand, are more relaxed and offer a looser fit.

3. Tailored Fit: Reebok jerseys are designed to have a tailored fit, meaning they are snug around the shoulders and chest while still allowing for ease of movement. This ensures that the jersey doesn’t restrict the player’s range of motion on the ice.

4. Sizing Consistency: Reebok takes pride in maintaining consistent sizing across their jerseys. This means that if you know your size, you can trust that it will fit similarly to other Reebok jerseys you may have tried in the past.

5. Feedback from Players: Many hockey players have given positive feedback on the fit of Reebok jerseys. They have praised the jerseys for their comfort, mobility, and how well they stay in place during gameplay.


1. What size should I choose for a Reebok hockey jersey?
– It is best to refer to Reebok’s size chart to find your size based on your measurements. This will help you choose the most accurate fit.

2. Are Reebok hockey jerseys true to size?
– Reebok jerseys are known to be true to their listed sizes, so it’s recommended to choose the size you typically wear in other clothing items.

3. Do Reebok jerseys have room for shoulder pads?
– Yes, Reebok jerseys are designed to accommodate shoulder pads. They have a tailored fit that allows for the extra padding without feeling too tight.

4. Are Reebok Pro Cut jerseys tighter than Replica jerseys?
– Yes, Pro Cut jerseys have a tighter fit compared to Replica jerseys. They are designed to replicate the snug fit of professional jerseys worn by NHL players.

5. Can I layer clothing underneath a Reebok hockey jersey?
– Yes, Reebok jerseys have enough room to layer clothing underneath comfortably. However, keep in mind that layering too much may affect the overall fit and mobility.

6. Do Reebok jerseys shrink after washing?
– Reebok jerseys are made from durable materials that are designed to withstand washing without significant shrinkage. However, it’s always best to follow the care instructions to ensure longevity.

7. How can I ensure the best fit when ordering online?
– When ordering online, it is crucial to refer to the size chart provided by Reebok. Additionally, reading reviews or reaching out to customer support can help you make an informed decision about sizing.

Reebok hockey jerseys offer a tailored fit, accommodating shoulder pads, and have consistent sizing. By referring to the size chart and considering the type of jersey (Pro Cut or Replica), players can find a Reebok jersey that fits comfortably and allows for optimal mobility on the ice.