How Do Hockey Players Lose Their Teeth

Answer: Hockey players often lose their teeth due to the physical nature of the sport. Here are 5 supporting facts about how it happens:
1. Direct Impact: One of the most common ways hockey players lose teeth is through direct impact. Whether it’s a hit from an opponent’s stick or a collision with the boards, the force can cause teeth to loosen or even get knocked out.

2. Pucks: Hockey pucks, which are made of hard rubber, can travel at high speeds during a game. If a player is hit in the face by a puck, it can result in significant dental damage, including tooth loss.

3. High Sticks: Accidental high sticking incidents occur frequently in hockey, where a player’s stick comes into contact with an opponent’s face. A high stick can cause teeth to be dislodged or broken.

4. Fights: Although fighting is not encouraged in hockey, it remains a part of the sport. During a fight, punches can land on a player’s face, leading to tooth loss or dental injuries.

5. Skates: While rare, instances of skates accidentally hitting a player in the mouth can cause tooth loss. This can happen during falls or when players are too close to one another, and their skates make contact.


1. How common is it for hockey players to lose teeth?
It is quite common for hockey players to lose teeth. In fact, it is often seen as a badge of honor in the sport. Many professionals and even amateur players wear partial or full dentures due to tooth loss.

2. Do hockey players wear any protection for their teeth?
Yes, hockey players often wear mouthguards to protect their teeth during games. These mouthguards are molded to fit an individual’s teeth and offer some level of cushioning against impacts.

3. Why don’t all hockey players wear face masks or shields?
While it is not a requirement in all leagues, many players do choose to wear face masks or shields for added protection. However, some players prefer not to wear them for better visibility or because they feel it restricts their performance on the ice.

4. Can lost teeth be permanently replaced for hockey players?
Yes, dental implants and other forms of tooth replacement options are available for hockey players who have lost teeth. These procedures can help restore the appearance and functionality of the lost teeth.

5. How do hockey players cope with missing teeth?
Hockey players often embrace the rugged and tough image associated with the sport. Some choose not to replace the missing teeth, while others opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore their smile.

6. Can losing teeth affect a hockey player’s performance?
While losing teeth may not directly impact a player’s physical abilities, it can affect their confidence and self-esteem. However, many players continue to perform at a high level even after tooth loss.

7. Are there any rules or penalties for actions that lead to tooth loss in hockey?
Hockey has rules against certain actions that can lead to player injuries, including tooth loss. For example, high sticking is penalized with a two-minute minor penalty if contact is made. However, the enforcement of these rules can vary depending on the league and officials.

BOTTOM LINE: Tooth loss is a common occurrence in hockey due to the physical nature of the sport. Whether it’s from direct impacts, pucks, high sticks, fights, or skate accidents, players are at risk of losing their teeth. While various protective measures exist, tooth loss remains part of the game’s culture, and many players embrace the rough and tough image associated with missing teeth.