How Cold Is It At A Blues Hockey Game

It can get quite cold at a Blues hockey game, with temperatures typically ranging from chilly to downright freezing. Here are 5 supporting facts about the coldness of Blues hockey games:

1. Indoor arena with ice: Hockey games take place indoors in arenas with frozen ice surfaces. For optimal ice conditions, the temperature inside the arena needs to be kept low to prevent the ice from melting or becoming too soft.

2. Artificial cooling systems: To maintain this required low temperature, hockey arenas are equipped with powerful cooling systems. These systems help regulate the temperature, ensuring that it stays cold enough for the game to be played.

3. Ice maintenance: Throughout the game, ice maintenance crews work diligently to patch up any damaged or melted sections of the ice. By frequently spraying water on the ice, they are able to maintain its hardness and integrity, which requires the arena to stay cool.

4. Layered clothing: Knowing the temperature inside the arena, it is essential for fans attending a Blues hockey game to dress appropriately. Layered clothing, including a warm jacket, hat, gloves, and even a scarf, can help combat the chilly temperatures.

5. Personal comfort: Each person’s tolerance to cold temperatures varies, with some feeling colder than others. Bringing a blanket or cushioned seat can provide added insulation and comfort during the game.


1. Do Blues hockey games take place outdoors?
No, Blues hockey games are played indoors in hockey arenas.

2. Why does the ice need to remain cold during the game?
To maintain the integrity of the ice surface, prevent it from melting, and optimize gameplay.

3. How cold is too cold for ice hockey games?
There is no specific temperature considered “too cold” for ice hockey games. As long as the ice remains in good condition, the game can proceed.

4. Can I bring blankets or extra layers into the arena?
Yes, most arenas allow fans to bring blankets or wear extra layers to combat the cold temperatures.

5. Are there any heating options inside the arena?
While some arenas may have heating systems, they are usually kept minimal to prevent melting the ice surface.

6. Do the players also feel the cold during the games?
The players are often wearing protective gear, which provides some insulation against the cold. However, they do still feel the cool temperatures, especially when they are on the bench.

7. Is it possible to enjoy a Blues hockey game despite the cold temperatures?
Yes, many fans find the excitement of the game and the energetic atmosphere to outweigh any discomfort from the cold temperatures.

Attending a Blues hockey game can be a chilly experience due to the need for maintaining a cold temperature inside the arena. Dressing in warm, layered clothing and bringing additional insulation can help fans stay comfortable and fully enjoy the game.