Did Hockey Season Start

Answer:Yes, the hockey season has started. Here are five supporting facts:

1. Regular season games have already begun: Many professional hockey leagues, such as the National Hockey League (NHL) in North America, have already started playing regular season games. These leagues typically start their seasons in October.

2. Preseason games took place before the regular season: Before the start of the regular season, teams participate in preseason games to prepare for the upcoming season. These games help players to get back into form after the offseason.

3. International tournaments have begun: Apart from domestic leagues, international competitions like the IIHF World Championship and Euro Hockey Tour have already started. These tournaments feature national teams from various countries competing against each other.

4. Junior hockey leagues have started: Junior hockey leagues, such as the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and Western Hockey League (WHL), have also begun their seasons. These leagues serve as a breeding ground for young talents aspiring to play at higher levels.

5. College hockey seasons have commenced: Collegiate hockey programs, like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States, have also started their seasons. College teams compete against each other in regional and national tournaments.


1. When did the NHL regular season start?
– The exact start date varies from year to year, but the NHL regular season typically begins in October.

2. Are fans allowed to attend hockey games?
– The attendance policy differs in each region and depends on local health guidelines. Some arenas allow limited capacity while others may prohibit spectators altogether.

3. Do all leagues start their seasons at the same time?
– No, different leagues have different start dates for their seasons. The NHL typically starts in October, while other leagues may have different schedules.

4. Are there any COVID-19 protocols in place for hockey games?
– Yes, most leagues have implemented various COVID-19 protocols. These include regular testing, mask requirements, and restrictions on player interactions.

5. Can I watch hockey games on TV or online?
– Yes, many hockey games are broadcasted on television or streamed online. Broadcast schedules and streaming sites vary depending on the league and region.

6. Are there any restrictions on international travel for hockey teams?
– International travel restrictions may vary depending on the countries involved and the current global situation. Teams may need to follow specific protocols before traveling for international tournaments.

7. Will there be any changes to the format or rules of the hockey season?
– Leagues may introduce changes to the format or rules depending on various factors, such as player safety or league expansions. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with official league announcements.

The hockey season has already started with regular season games underway in professional leagues like the NHL. Junior hockey leagues, college programs, and international tournaments have also commenced. COVID-19 protocols, attendance policies, and travel restrictions may vary, so it’s essential to check official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.