Are Hockey Playoffs Best Of 5

Hockey playoffs are not best of 5. Here are five supporting facts:
1. NHL playoffs: In the National Hockey League (NHL), the playoffs consist of four rounds, with each round being a best-of-seven series. This means that a team needs to win four out of a maximum of seven games to advance to the next round.

2. AHL playoffs: The American Hockey League (AHL), which is the primary developmental league for the NHL, also follows the same best-of-seven format for their playoffs.

3. IIHF World Championships: The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) organizes the annual Ice Hockey World Championships. The playoffs in this tournament also follow the best-of-seven format, allowing teams to have a fair chance to advance.

4. Olympic hockey: During the Winter Olympic Games, hockey competitions also use the best-of-seven format in their playoff rounds. This format ensures that the best teams have a greater opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for the gold medal.

5. Historical significance: The best-of-seven format has a long-standing tradition in hockey playoffs. It provides teams with more opportunities to overcome initial setbacks and showcase their abilities over a series of games, making the playoffs more exciting and intense.


1. Can hockey playoffs have a different format other than best of seven?
No, the standard format for hockey playoffs, including the NHL, AHL, IIHF World Championships, and Olympics, is best of seven. It ensures a fair chance for teams and enhances the excitement of the playoffs.

2. How many games are played in each round of the NHL playoffs?
Each round of the NHL playoffs consists of a maximum of seven games. A team needs to win four games to advance to the next round.

3. What happens if a playoff series is tied at three games each?
If a playoff series is tied at three games each, a seventh and deciding game is played to determine the winner. This game is often highly anticipated and adds to the drama of the playoffs.

4. How often do hockey playoffs go to seven games?
The frequency of hockey playoff games going to seven games can vary from year to year. However, it’s not uncommon for several playoff series in a single year to reach seven games, especially in closely contested matchups.

5. Why is the best-of-seven format preferred in hockey playoffs?
The best-of-seven format is preferred in hockey playoffs because it allows teams to overcome early setbacks, increases the level of competition, and ensures that the best team advances to the next round.

6. Are there any advantages to the best-of-five format in hockey playoffs?
While best-of-five formats are not common in major hockey leagues, they may be used in lower-tier leagues or some international competitions. A best-of-five format can reduce the length of playoffs series and make the tournament move faster.

7. Are there any disadvantages to the best-of-seven format in hockey playoffs?
One potential disadvantage is that the best-of-seven format can prolong the length of the playoffs, leading to more fatigue and potential injuries for players. However, this format is still widely favored due to its fairness and excitability.

Hockey playoffs, including the NHL, AHL, IIHF World Championships, and Olympics, are not best of five. They all follow a best-of-seven format, allowing teams to compete over several games and enhancing the excitement and competitiveness of the playoffs.