Skate Sharpening

Definition: the process of sharpening skate blades to maintain their effectiveness.

Sure, here are the top 5 FAQs and answers for Skate Sharpening:

1. What is Skate Sharpening and why is it needed?
Skate Sharpening is the process of grinding skate blades to create a sharp, fine edge on the blade. It is needed to maintain the effectiveness of the blade as a dull blade can cause the skater to slip, impair their control and slow them down.

2. How often should skate sharpening be done?
Skate Sharpening is recommended to be done every 10-15 hours of skating. This translates to once or twice per month for recreational skaters, and every 1-2 weeks for competitive skaters.

3. How do I know if my blades need sharpening?
If you find yourself slipping or losing control on the ice, your blades may need sharpening. You can also visually inspect the blades to look for signs of wear or dullness, such as nicks, burrs or a rounded blade edge.

4. Can I sharpen my own skates at home?
It is not recommended to sharpen your skates at home. Skate Sharpening requires specialized equipment and technical knowledge to ensure the correct blade angle and edge are achieved. It is best to leave it to a professional skate sharpener.

5. How long does Skate Sharpening take?
Skate Sharpening typically takes between 10-20 minutes per pair of skates, depending on the amount of wear and the type of skate. It is best to allow additional time if there is a queue or if you need to have other services done, such as blade profiling or rivet replacement.