What Kick Point Is CCM Jetspeed

DEFINITION: Kick Point refers to the area of a hockey stick where it bends or flexes the most when attempting a shot. It is an important characteristic as it determines the power and accuracy of a shot.

1. What is the kick point of CCM Jetspeed sticks?
The kick point of CCM Jetspeed sticks is typically located in the middle of the shaft, providing a versatile flex profile that suits a wide range of players’ shooting styles.

2. Does the kick point affect my shot power?
Yes, the kick point plays a crucial role in shot power. A lower kick point allows for a quicker release and increased power, while a higher kick point provides more accuracy and control.

3. Which players benefit from a high kick point?
Players who rely on accurate shots, such as defensemen or players who take a lot of slap shots, often prefer sticks with a higher kick point as it helps in achieving more precise shots.

4. Can I still get a quick release with a high kick point stick?
While a high kick point may not provide the same quick release as a low kick point stick, it is still possible to achieve a quick release with proper technique and practice.

5. Who benefits from a low kick point stick?
Players who excel in quick wrist shots and snap shots, such as forwards who rely on quick releases near the net, usually prefer sticks with a lower kick point for enhanced shot speed.

6. How do I determine the ideal kick point for my playing style?
The ideal kick point for your playing style depends on various factors, including your shooting technique, position, and personal preference. It’s recommended to experiment with different sticks to find the perfect fit.

7. Can I modify the kick point of a hockey stick?
The kick point of a hockey stick is predetermined during manufacturing and cannot be easily modified. However, by selecting a stick with a suitable kick point for your style of play, you can optimize your shooting performance.