Ryan Merkley

DEFINITION:Ryan Merkley is a Canadian executive and advocate for open knowledge, digital rights, and public interest technology. He is currently the CEO of Creative Commons, an international non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to and sharing of knowledge and culture.


1. Who is Ryan Merkley?
Ryan Merkley is a Canadian executive and advocate. He has dedicated his career to advancing open knowledge, digital rights, and public interest technology.

2. What is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons is an international non-profit organization that provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses to enable the sharing and use of creative works.

3. What does Ryan Merkley do as the CEO of Creative Commons?
As the CEO of Creative Commons, Ryan Merkley provides strategic leadership to the organization, oversees its operations, and works towards expanding access to knowledge and culture.

4. What is open knowledge?
Open knowledge refers to the belief and practice that knowledge should be freely available for everyone to use, share, and build upon. Open knowledge promotes collaboration, innovation, and democratic access to information.

5. What are digital rights?
Digital rights refer to the rights of individuals in the digital realm, including the right to privacy, freedom of expression, access to knowledge, and protection against digital discrimination.

6. What is public interest technology?
Public interest technology refers to the use of technology and data for the betterment of society and the public good. It involves leveraging technological innovation to address social and environmental challenges and to ensure equitable access to technology.

7. How can I contribute to advancing open knowledge and digital rights?
There are several ways you can contribute, such as supporting organizations like Creative Commons, advocating for open access to knowledge, respecting and promoting digital rights, and actively participating in discussions and initiatives related to these issues.