Justin Braun

Justin Braun (noun):
A professional ice hockey player who currently plays for the Philadelphia Flyers in the National Hockey League (NHL). Known for his strong defensive skills and physical play on the ice.


1. What position does Justin Braun play?
Justin Braun plays as a defenseman.

2. What teams has Justin Braun played for in his NHL career?
Justin Braun has played for the San Jose Sharks and the Philadelphia Flyers.

3. How many seasons has Justin Braun played in the NHL?
As of 2021, Justin Braun has played 11 seasons in the NHL.

4. Has Justin Braun won any championships or awards?
Although Justin Braun has not won any individual awards, he reached the Stanley Cup Finals with the San Jose Sharks in 2016.

5. What are some notable skills of Justin Braun?
Justin Braun is highly regarded for his strong defensive abilities, shot-blocking skills, and physicality on the ice.

6. Has Justin Braun represented his country in any international competitions?
No, Justin Braun has not represented his country in any international competitions.

7. What is Justin Braun’s jersey number?
Justin Braun wears the number 61 jersey for the Philadelphia Flyers.