Hockey Stick Curve Chart CCM

DEFINITION: Hockey Stick Curve Chart
A Hockey Stick Curve Chart is a visual representation or diagram that illustrates the different types of curves available on hockey sticks. It helps players and coaches understand the characteristics of each curve and assists in choosing the most suitable curve for their playing style and position.


1. What is the purpose of a Hockey Stick Curve Chart?
A Hockey Stick Curve Chart helps players and coaches determine the type of curve that best suits their playing style and position. It allows them to compare and select from various curves based on factors such as shooting technique, puck control, and stickhandling ability.

2. How does a Hockey Stick Curve Chart work?
The chart typically displays different curves as a series of lines or curves, indicating the degree of curve, lie, and loft of each stick. Players can refer to this chart to understand how the shape of a stick’s blade affects its performance characteristics.

3. What are the common types of curves shown in a Hockey Stick Curve Chart?
Common types of curves depicted in a Hockey Stick Curve Chart include mid, toe, or heel curves, and variations such as heel curves with open or closed faces. Each curve has distinct characteristics that affect shooting accuracy, puck control, and passing ability.

4. Can a Hockey Stick Curve Chart help improve my game?
Yes, by consulting a Hockey Stick Curve Chart, you can select a curve that aligns with your strengths and preferences. This can optimize your shooting and stickhandling abilities, potentially enhancing your overall performance on the ice.

5. Do different brands offer different curves?
Yes, different hockey stick brands often offer their own unique curves. While there may be similarities, the specific curves available can vary between brands. It is essential to consider the options provided by the brand you prefer when referring to a Hockey Stick Curve Chart.

6. Are Hockey Stick Curve Charts available online?
Yes, many hockey equipment manufacturers and retailers provide Hockey Stick Curve Charts on their websites. These charts are often accompanied by detailed descriptions and explanations, making it easier for players to understand and compare the available curves.

7. Can I try different curves before making a decision?
Yes, it is recommended to test different curves before making a final decision. Many hockey stores or equipment providers offer the option of “demo” or “try before you buy” programs, allowing you to try out different sticks with various curves. This hands-on experience can help you make an informed decision based on your personal preference and performance.