CCM Vector Pro

CCM Vector Pro is a high-performance ice hockey skate model manufactured by CCM, a leading brand in the hockey equipment industry. The Vector Pro skates are designed to provide players with optimal comfort, protection, and performance on the ice. They feature advanced technologies and innovative components to enhance speed, agility, and overall skating experience.


1. What are some key features of CCM Vector Pro skates?
The CCM Vector Pro skates come with features such as a stiff composite boot construction for increased power transfer, an anatomically molded and heat-moldable tongue for customized fit, a lightweight carbon blade holder for improved energy transfer, and moisture-wicking liners for enhanced comfort and durability.

2. Are CCM Vector Pro skates suitable for all levels of players?
While CCM Vector Pro skates are designed to meet the demands of professional and elite-level players, they can also be utilized by intermediate and recreational players looking for high-quality performance and comfort.

3. Can the CCM Vector Pro skates be customized?
Yes, the Vector Pro skates offer a heat-moldable feature that allows players to achieve a personalized fit. This process involves heating the skates to soften the materials, then wearing them while they cool down, allowing them to mold to the shape of the player’s feet.

4. What makes the CCM Vector Pro skates stand out from other skate models?
The CCM Vector Pro skates incorporate advanced technology and materials to deliver exceptional performance. With a focus on comfort, protection, and precise fit, these skates are known for their responsiveness, speed, and overall quality.

5. Can CCM Vector Pro skates be sharpened and repaired easily?
Yes, CCM Vector Pro skates can be sharpened and repaired by professional skate technicians or at authorized service centers. The carbon blade holder can be replaced if damaged, and the skates can be sharpened according to the player’s preference.

6. How do I choose the right size of CCM Vector Pro skates?
To determine the appropriate size of CCM Vector Pro skates, it is recommended to use the manufacturer’s sizing guide and consider your foot measurements in relation to the provided size chart. It is advisable to try the skates on before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

7. Are CCM Vector Pro skates available in different color options?
CCM Vector Pro skates are typically manufactured in various color schemes, offering players options to select a design that suits their preferences. However, color availability may vary depending on the specific model and the season’s collection.