CCM U+ Pro

CCM U+ Pro is a high-performance ice hockey skate designed for professional players. It is manufactured by CCM Hockey, a renowned brand in the ice hockey industry.


1. What makes CCM U+ Pro a high-performance skate?
CCM U+ Pro is equipped with advanced features such as a carbon composite quarter package, which provides excellent stiffness and support for enhanced power transfer. It also has a Pro-Level tongued liner that offers superior comfort and moldability for a personalized fit.

2. Can the CCM U+ Pro be customized to fit my foot shape?
Yes, the CCM U+ Pro features a heat-moldable liner that allows the skate to be custom-shaped according to the player’s foot shape for maximum comfort and performance.

3. Are the CCM U+ Pro skates suitable for professional players only?
While the CCM U+ Pro is designed with professional players in mind, it can also be used by high-level amateur players who require top-notch performance and durability from their skates.

4. What type of steel is used for the blade of CCM U+ Pro?
The CCM U+ Pro skates come with replaceable stainless-steel blades. Stainless steel offers excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and maintains a sharp edge for optimal performance on the ice.

5. Are CCM U+ Pro skates customizable in terms of blade configuration?
Yes, CCM U+ Pro skates feature a removable blade holder that allows for customization of the blade configuration. Players can choose the blade runner style and pitch that best suits their skating style and preferences.

6. How does the CCM U+ Pro enhance performance on the ice?
The CCM U+ Pro’s lightweight design, combined with its advanced materials and technology, provides players with improved agility, power transfer, and overall performance on the ice. It helps to optimize stride efficiency and maximize energy transfer in every movement.

7. Can I use CCM U+ Pro as a beginner or recreational player?
While the CCM U+ Pro is designed for professional and high-level players, beginners and recreational players can also benefit from its superior performance and comfort. However, it is important to note that the advanced features of the skate may not be fully utilized by players who are still developing their skills.