CCM U+ Cl Stick

CCM U+ Cl Stick is a type of ice hockey stick manufactured by CCM Hockey. It is designed specifically for players who prefer a lightweight and responsive stick for enhanced stickhandling and shooting performance.


1. What is the technology behind the CCM U+ Cl Stick?
CCM U+ Cl Stick utilizes various cutting-edge technologies such as U+ Cl technology, which stands for Ultra Lite Claves, to reduce weight without sacrificing durability and performance. This technology ensures maximum energy transfer during shots and precise puck control.

2. What is the weight of the CCM U+ Cl Stick?
The weight of the CCM U+ Cl Stick varies depending on the specific model and flex chosen. However, on average, it is significantly lighter than traditional hockey sticks on the market.

3. Are there different flex options available?
Yes, CCM U+ Cl Sticks are available in various flex options, allowing players to choose the one that best suits their playing style and preference. Flex options typically range from 75 to 105, with lower flex providing more whip and higher flex offering increased stability.

4. Does the CCM U+ Cl Stick offer any grip options?
Yes, CCM U+ Cl Sticks come with different grip options. Players can choose between a standard grip or a tacky grip, depending on their personal preference for stick control.

5. How does the CCM U+ Cl Stick enhance stickhandling?
The lightweight construction and improved balance of the CCM U+ Cl Stick contribute to enhanced stickhandling. Its responsive shaft allows players to maneuver the puck with greater ease and precision.

6. Does the CCM U+ Cl Stick improve shot accuracy?
Yes, the CCM U+ Cl Stick is designed to maximize energy transfer from the player’s body to the puck, resulting in increased shot accuracy. Its advanced technologies, such as U+ Cl technology, provide a faster and more accurate release.

7. Can the CCM U+ Cl Stick be customized?
Yes, players have the option to customize certain aspects of their CCM U+ Cl Stick, such as the blade pattern and the graphics. This allows players to have a stick that meets their individual preferences and style of play.