CCM Trigger 7 Pro Kick Point

DEFINITION: CCM Trigger 7 Pro Kick Point
The CCM Trigger 7 Pro Kick Point is a term used in ice hockey equipment to describe the specific location on a hockey stick shaft where maximum energy is transferred to the puck during a shot.


1. What is the purpose of a kick point in a hockey stick?
The kick point determines the flex of the stick and influences the speed and accuracy of shots. It helps players generate power and release the puck effectively.

2. How does the CCM Trigger 7 Pro Kick Point differ from other kick points?
The CCM Trigger 7 Pro Kick Point is designed to provide a low-kick release, meaning it allows for quicker shots with less effort compared to sticks with mid or high kick points.

3. Can I adjust the kick point on a CCM Trigger 7 Pro stick?
The kick point on the CCM Trigger 7 Pro stick is fixed and cannot be adjusted. It is specifically engineered to optimize performance for quick releases.

4. How does the kick point affect my shot accuracy?
The placement of the kick point influences the way the shaft flexes, impacting the transfer of energy to the puck. A kick point that aligns with your shot release can enhance accuracy by allowing for better control and feel.

5. Does the kick point affect slap shots and wrist shots differently?
Yes, different kick points can impact slap shots and wrist shots differently. The CCM Trigger 7 Pro Kick Point is particularly suited for quick wrist shots due to its low-kick release design.

6. Does the kick point preference vary among players?
Yes, personal playing style, position, and shooting technique can influence a player’s preferred kick point. Some players may prefer a higher kick point for harder slap shots, while others may favor a low kick point for quick releases.

7. Can the kick point preference change over time?
Yes, as players develop their skills and shooting technique, their preferred kick point may change. It is important to experiment with different kick points to find one that suits your playing style and shooting needs.