CCM Tacks Classic Pro

DEFINITION:CCM Tacks Classic Pro is a line of ice hockey skates developed by CCM, a leading manufacturer in the sport.


1. What makes CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates different from other models?
CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates combine top-quality materials, advanced technologies, and a classic design to provide professional-level performance and enhance the skater’s stability and control on the ice.

2. Are CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates suitable for beginners or recreational players?
While these skates are primarily designed for professional or high-level players, they can also be used by intermediate or advanced skaters who aim to improve their performance on the ice.

3. What key features should I look for in CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates?
Some of the key features of CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates include a reinforced quarter package for improved durability, a high-performance liner for enhanced comfort, and a carbon composite outsole for increased energy transfer.

4. Are CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates customizable?
Yes, CCM offers a range of customization options for the Tacks Classic Pro skates, allowing players to modify aspects like fit, stiffness, and blade holder type to suit their specific preferences and playing style.

5. How do I choose the right size for CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates?
It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s size chart and consider trying on different sizes to ensure a proper fit. It’s crucial for skates to be snug, providing adequate support without causing discomfort or restrictions.

6. Can I bake CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates to improve the fit?
Yes, CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates can undergo a heat molding process commonly known as “baking.” This process can help the skate mold to the player’s foot shape, providing a more personalized fit and added comfort.

7. How do CCM Tacks Classic Pro skates compare to Bauer or other brands?
The choice between CCM Tacks Classic Pro and other brands such as Bauer ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each brand offers its unique design, fit, and technologies, so it is recommended to try on various models and consult with knowledgeable staff to determine the best fit for your needs.