CCM Tacks As-V Pro Skates

DEFINITION:CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates refer to a popular line of ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM (Canadian Cycle & Motor Co.). These skates are specifically designed for professional ice hockey players, offering advanced features and technology to enhance performance on the ice.


1. What sets CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates apart from other hockey skates?
CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates distinguish themselves with their high-quality construction, superior materials, and advanced technologies. They offer a precise fit, excellent energy transfer, and enhanced power generation, making them ideal for professional players.

2. What kind of fit can I expect from CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates?
These skates offer a tapered fit with a snug heel lock, providing optimal stability and maximum energy transfer. The anatomical design ensures a personalized fit and superior comfort, allowing players to perform at their best.

3. What features contribute to the performance of CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates?
CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates incorporate key technologies such as the SpeedBlade Xchange holder, which allows for quick blade changes, and a carbon composite outsole that maximizes energy transfer. Additionally, they feature a flexible tendon guard for increased stride length and a contouring foam ankle pad for added comfort and protection.

4. Can I customize CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates to fit my preferences?
Yes, these skates come with multiple customization options. Users can adjust the tongue, footbed, and even the fit profile by heat molding the skate to conform to their specific foot shape.

5. Are CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates suitable for players of all skill levels?
While these skates are designed for professional players, they can be used by anyone with advanced skating skills. However, beginners or recreational players might find them too advanced or unnecessary for their needs.

6. Can I use CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates for other types of skating?
CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates are primarily designed for ice hockey and are specifically optimized for the quick and agile movements required in the sport. Their design and features may not be ideal for other types of skating, such as figure skating or casual skating.

7. How do I choose the right size of CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates?
To ensure the best fit, it is recommended to visit a reputable hockey store and have your feet measured by a professional. CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates typically fit true to shoe size, but individual preferences may vary. Trying on different sizes and models is crucial to finding the right fit for your feet.