CCM Tacks 590

The CCM Tacks 590 is a popular model of ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM. These skates are designed to provide superior performance and comfort, making them a preferred choice among professional and amateur hockey players alike. The CCM Tacks 590 features a durable construction, advanced technological enhancements, and a stylish design, all contributing to enhancing the player’s on-ice performance.


1. What are the key features of the CCM Tacks 590 skates?
The key features of the CCM Tacks 590 skates include a reinforced boot structure, a high-density foam liner for improved comfort and protection, a SpeedBlade XS holder for easy blade replacement, and an anatomical fit for maximum power transfer.

2. Are the CCM Tacks 590 skates suitable for beginners?
While the CCM Tacks 590 skates are primarily designed for intermediate to advanced players, beginners can also benefit from their exceptional performance and comfort. However, it is recommended for beginners to start with skates specifically tailored to their skill level.

3. Can I customize the fit of the CCM Tacks 590 skates?
Yes, the CCM Tacks 590 skates can be customized to achieve a better fit. They offer options for heat molding, allowing the skates to mold to the specific contours of your feet, providing a personalized fit and improved performance.

4. How do I choose the right size of CCM Tacks 590 skates?
It is essential to consult the sizing chart provided by CCM and measure your feet accurately to determine the correct size. Keep in mind that proper fitting skates should have a snug feel without causing any discomfort or pain.

5. Are the CCM Tacks 590 skates suitable for wide feet?
The CCM Tacks 590 skates are known for their generous fit and accommodating nature, making them suitable for individuals with wide feet. However, it is always recommended to try the skates on and ensure a comfortable fit before making a purchase.

6. How often should I sharpen the blades of the CCM Tacks 590 skates?
The frequency of sharpening the blades depends on various factors such as playing surface, frequency of use, and personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to sharpen the blades after every 10-15 hours of ice time to maintain optimal performance.

7. Can I replace the blades of the CCM Tacks 590 skates?
Yes, the CCM Tacks 590 skates feature a SpeedBlade XS holder, which allows for quick and easy blade replacement. This feature enables players to switch blades conveniently, making it more convenient to maintain sharp edges.