CCM Tacks 5052 Skates

CCM Tacks 5052 Skates: CCM Tacks 5052 Skates are a mid-range model of ice hockey skates designed and manufactured by CCM. Known for their comfort, durability, and performance, these skates are popular among hockey players at various skill levels.


1. What is the construction of CCM Tacks 5052 Skates?
The CCM Tacks 5052 Skates feature a durable and lightweight synthetic upper material, a reinforced tongue for added protection, and a carbon composite outsole for improved energy transfer.

2. Are CCM Tacks 5052 Skates suitable for beginners?
Yes, CCM Tacks 5052 Skates are suitable for beginners. They provide a good balance of performance and comfort, making them ideal for players just starting out in ice hockey.

3. Can I customize the fit of CCM Tacks 5052 Skates?
Yes, CCM Tacks 5052 Skates come with a heat-moldable liner, allowing you to customize the fit to your foot shape for enhanced comfort and performance.

4. Are CCM Tacks 5052 Skates designed for wide feet?
CCM Tacks 5052 Skates have a medium width fit by default. However, they offer good flexibility and can accommodate slightly wider feet. It is recommended to try them on or consult with a professional skate fitter for the best fit.

5. What type of blade holder is used in CCM Tacks 5052 Skates?
CCM Tacks 5052 Skates use the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder, which offers a secure blade attachment and allows for quick blade replacements when needed.

6. Are CCM Tacks 5052 Skates suitable for advanced players?
While CCM Tacks 5052 Skates are primarily designed for recreational and intermediate players, they can still be used by advanced players as a reliable and stable option. However, some advanced players may prefer higher-end models with more advanced features.

7. How do CCM Tacks 5052 Skates compare to other skate models?
CCM Tacks 5052 Skates are positioned in the mid-range of CCM’s skate lineup. They offer a good balance of performance, comfort, and durability at a more affordable price compared to top-tier models.