CCM Tacks 4052 Pants

DEFINITION:CCM Tacks 4052 Pants are a type of hockey pants made by CCM, a leading brand in ice hockey equipment. These pants are designed to provide protection to the lower body, including the hips, thighs, and tailbone, during gameplay.


1. What are CCM Tacks 4052 Pants made of?
CCM Tacks 4052 Pants are made of durable nylon and polyester materials, ensuring long-lasting performance on the ice.

2. Can I customize the fit of these pants?
Yes, these pants come with an adjustable belt and lace system, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference and body type.

3. Do these pants offer ample protection?
Absolutely! CCM Tacks 4052 Pants feature high-density foams and plastic reinforcements in key areas, providing excellent protection against impacts and falls on the ice.

4. Are these pants suitable for both junior and senior players?
Yes, CCM Tacks 4052 Pants are available in various sizes, catering to both junior and senior hockey players. Make sure to check the size chart before making a purchase.

5. How breathable are these pants?
CCM Tacks 4052 Pants are designed with strategically placed ventilation zones, allowing for improved breathability and moisture management, keeping you cool and comfortable during gameplay.

6. Can I wear these pants with a girdle or a shell?
Yes, these pants are compatible with both girdles and shells. They have Velcro tabs on the inside, which allow you to secure a girdle and shell of your choice for additional protection and customization.

7. Do these pants offer good mobility and flexibility?
Absolutely! CCM Tacks 4052 Pants are engineered with a segmented construction, offering excellent mobility and flexibility, ensuring unrestricted movement on the ice.