CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick

CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick refers to a specific model of ice hockey stick manufactured by CCM. It is widely used and known for its durability, performance, and advanced technology.


1. What are the key features of the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick?
– The CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick comes with innovative features such as the Axenic technology for a lightweight feel, a mid-kick point for optimal energy transfer, and an optimized blade design for improved control and accuracy.

2. What type of players is the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick suitable for?
– The CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick is designed for players who prefer a balanced blend of power and control. It is suitable for all positions, including forwards, defensemen, and even goalies.

3. Is the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick available in various flexes and curves?
– Yes, the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick is available in multiple flex options, allowing players to choose the stiffness level that suits their playing style. Additionally, it offers various blade curves to accommodate individual preferences.

4. Is the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick suitable for professional ice hockey players?
– Absolutely! The CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick is a high-performance stick trusted by professional ice hockey players around the world. Its durability, accuracy, and feel make it an ideal choice for players at any skill level.

5. Can the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick be customized?
– While the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick does not have extensive customization options, players can still choose from a range of flexes, curves, and blade patterns to tailor it to their needs.

6. What sets the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick apart from other hockey sticks?
– The CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick sets itself apart with its advanced Axenic technology, which provides a lightweight yet durable construction. Its mid-kick point delivers excellent power and control, giving players an edge on the ice.

7. How does the CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick compare to its previous versions?
– The CCM Tacks 2.0 Stick builds upon the success of its predecessors with improved features and technologies. It offers enhanced performance, better puck feel, and increased accuracy, making it a worthy upgrade for players familiar with previous Tacks stick models.