CCM Tacks 152 Skates

CCM Tacks 152 Skates are high-performance ice hockey skates produced by the Canadian company CCM. Designed for intermediate to advanced level players, these skates offer a combination of comfort, support, and performance-enhancing features to optimize a player’s skating performance on the ice.


1. What is the recommended skill level for CCM Tacks 152 Skates?
– These skates are recommended for intermediate to advanced level players.

2. What are the key features of CCM Tacks 152 Skates?
– Some key features of these skates include a reinforced quarter package for enhanced stability, a customizable tongue for added comfort, and a high-performance blade holder for improved energy transfer.

3. Are CCM Tacks 152 Skates suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
– While these skates are primarily designed for indoor use on ice, they can also be used outdoors on smooth surfaces. However, it is important to note that using them on rough or abrasive surfaces may lead to accelerated wear and tear.

4. Can the tongue of CCM Tacks 152 Skates be modified to fit different foot shapes?
– Yes, the tongue of these skates can be heat-molded to provide a customized fit and accommodate different foot shapes for maximum comfort and performance.

5. Are CCM Tacks 152 Skates available in different sizes?
– Yes, these skates are available in various sizes to ensure a proper fit for different foot sizes. It is recommended to consult the size chart provided by CCM to find the right size for you.

6. How do I maintain and care for CCM Tacks 152 Skates?
– It is important to regularly wipe down the skates after each use to remove any moisture or debris. Additionally, keeping the blade sharp and storing the skates in a dry environment can help prolong their lifespan.

7. Can I replace the blades on CCM Tacks 152 Skates?
– Yes, the blades on these skates can be replaced. It is recommended to consult a professional skate technician or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper blade replacement to ensure optimal performance.