CCM Super Tacks Vs Jetspeed

CCM Super Tacks: A line of ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM, known for their exceptional performance and advanced features designed to enhance speed, power, and agility on the ice.

Jetspeed: A line of ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM, known for their emphasis on lightweight design, maximizing agility and quickness for players.


1. What are the main differences between CCM Super Tacks and Jetspeed skates?
The main difference lies in their design and focus on performance. The Super Tacks are built for power and stability, while Jetspeed skates prioritize quickness and agility.

2. Which skate is more suitable for power players?
If you are a power player who relies on strength and stability, the CCM Super Tacks skates would be a better choice. They are designed to provide excellent energy transfer and support for powerful strides.

3. Are Jetspeed skates better for speed or agility?
Jetspeed skates are designed with a focus on quickness and agility. Their lightweight design allows for rapid acceleration and swift movements, ideal for players who prioritize speed on the ice.

4. Can I use CCM Super Tacks skates for both speed and agility?
While the Super Tacks skates are generally known for their power and stability, they can still provide decent speed and agility. However, if speed and agility are your primary concerns, Jetspeed skates might be a better fit.

5. Are there any technological advancements unique to CCM Super Tacks skates?
Yes, Super Tacks skates feature CCM’s MonoFrame 360 technology, which offers a one-piece boot construction for increased energy transfer and responsiveness. This advanced technology contributes to improved performance on the ice.

6. Do Jetspeed skates offer any specific advantages for turning and maneuverability?
Yes, Jetspeed skates are built to enhance agility and turning ability. Their lightweight design, combined with features like Speedblade XS holders, improves maneuverability on the ice during quick turns and direction changes.

7. How do I choose between CCM Super Tacks and Jetspeed skates?
When choosing between Super Tacks and Jetspeed skates, consider your playing style, position, and personal preferences. If you prioritize power and stability, Super Tacks would be a better fit. If speed and agility are your focus, Jetspeed skates are a great option. Trying them on and consulting with experts at a local hockey store can also help you make an informed decision.